Police Patrol Vehicle is Now Counting 2015 Chevy Tahoe Too

December 13th, 2013 by Accessory Expert

With so many upgrades version and new concept of cars emerging every day, now even some of them have been given a special treatment for the technologies and features they offer. One such fine example to go is Chevy Tahoe which has been getting a Police Patrol Vehicle treatment. It has been also ranked as the best yet large CUV in initial quality. Want to know how it gained popularity. Then certainly this article is the right place for you.
The competition
The car was entered it the SEMA Show in which it was challenged to be battle with some of the best police cars like Dodge Durango and Police Interceptor Utility which is also known as the Explorer. The car actually gave a tough competition to both the model due to its features because of which it has been now the favorite choice for the Police patrol. Some of the features that you may not find in other model were safety option, forward collision alert, crash protection, good quality steel and warning at the time of taking a departure from the lane.
Why is it considered as a first choice for Police Patrol?
Car comes with some of the much needed police benefits that helps them to control the car in much friendly manner. Other than Auxiliary battery it also offers advantage of electronics myriad due to which the car runs upper facts and have 17 inch wheels with a push round bar system. You can also place your laptop in the console which is attached to the car. Certainly all these basic needs make this car a first choice.
Amenities to Enjoy
Cooler and heater system
Fuel efficient
A heated steering wheel
Rear-seat DVD entertainment system
Second-row heated seats
2-Year Scheduled Maintenance coverage
It is a full size SUV which has been designed by general motors and comes with 4-door model slotting system. Besides, the car also have good wheel based and good passenger occupying capacity which is makes it more spacious and user friendly look. So grab the best opportunity to have a glance of this car and if possible take a test drive of this police patrol car for sure.

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