Nissan Launches GT-R Nismo GT500 Racer for 2014 at Tokyo Motor Show 2013

August 28th, 2013 by Accessory Expert

Nissan has revealed its new racing car for the 2014 season of Super GT in Japan This car will join new Lexus LF- CC and Honda NSX race cars. This car was demonstrated by Nisan at the Suzuka race this past weekend. This race car’s name itself hints at high performance though no power and performance particulars have been revealed. It is very noteworthy for road race car fans as its name itself indicates at the forthcoming road-going Nissan GT-R Nismo that is being developed in collaboration with the Williams Formula 1 team.  The Nissan GT-R Nismo road car is projected to get an aggressive power boost and many new top-level sleek aerodynamic twists in order to aid the launch of the Nismo brand as a conventional and mainstream performance side – shoot of Nissan. This will also justify the noteworthy price hike in comparison to the standard car. This car is expected to get launched fully in this year’s November Tokyo motor show. The details of participating race teams will be released at a later date though. This GT- R race sports car has a dynamic body kit and an enormous real spoiler and will perhaps be pumping out around 500 horsepower as and when it hits the track. This car is as expected is not only a ferociously fast road car but a very accomplished car for the tracks as well. For the 2014 season, Super GT shall function with the identical procedural regulations as the DMT (German Touring Car Championship), making this league more competitive than ever. Additionally, the Nissan, Honda and Lexus have been technologically developed to meet the DTM touring car chassis regulations, levitation the prospect that in the near future it is quite possible that they would be seen racing and performing in Europe with their much improved engines.

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Chevy’s Concept of the Camaro GS Race Car is Going to Be Auctioned in Monterey

August 8th, 2013 by Accessory Expert

Chevrolet or more popularly Chevy has become one of the leading car brands of the world. They have been coming up great car models to meet the transport needs of the people. The company has been able to provide a variety of models to the car lovers. From sedan to heavy duty cars, they have been able to rule the market of automobiles for a long time. They have also come up with utility vehicles and sports car for those people who love to have some adventure with their car. The automaker has enhanced the functionality of their cars very often. They have also carried out various innovations to come out with Eco-friendly cars. As a result they have been able to grab a good portion of the car market.

The features of the car

The Camaro had many enhanced feature to make the ride of the people exciting. Some unique features of the car have been mentioned below.

The Camaro was painted in such a manner that it resembles the Camaro Trans-Am Race car that was launched in 1969.
A few performance modifications were carried out to make the car eligible for the Koni Challenge.
The exhaust system is three inches.
The engine is of V8 type.
Differential oil coolers have been also added to keep the engine working fine.

The concept on sell

The concept of the Chevrolet Camaro GS race car that came out in the year 2010 will be put on sale in the Mecum Auctions. The event is going to be held next month during the Monterey Car Week. The actual car was built for SEMA in the year 2008. It can be said as a joint venture between the two famous car manufacturing companies General Motors and Riley Technologies. It was a part of the High Performance Vehicle Operations launched by General Motors.

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