Automobiles Left High on Technology in Cars

April 30th, 2013 by Accessory Expert

The two loves that exist in every human’s life are technology and cars. It’s absolutely fantastic that the two have now joined hands to create the most ravishing automobile world for you.
Technology that’s Obvious
Not every piece of technology being used in the car is new. Some of it has been taken for granted by the car buyers by now. Conveniences like automatic windshield wipers, power steering and electric ignition have existed in the cars for some-time now. This has made them synonymous with obvious things in the car, especially when they go to purchase it. Airbags and cruise control are the modern technological advances that had created a sensation when they were first launched. But, today they too join the gang of the obvious features. It is amazing how the features that once rocked the world as demand are today being taken for granted. So, you can say that technology always existed in the cars.

The Modern Technological Hype
Some cars like the Mercedes Benz offer a new-on-the-block technology that has caused certain hype. The technological advances have been opted by the other cars as well.
The rear mounted radar gives out a signal that there is an object behind you or some traffic is coming your way. This way you would avoid accidents. This technological advancement has been observed in cars like Chrysler.
It is impossible to drive in the nights especially when it is dark and you are crossing streets where they may be some walkers. To solve such issues, Mercedes Benz S Series came up with night vision along with the pedestrian detection technology that gave out way to the cars even in the night.
So, with the advancement of technology increasing with the day, you would find yourself in the web of buying cars just for the technology they serve you with.

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Preparing Your Car For The Winter

April 8th, 2013 by Accessory Expert

Winter can be a tough time for car owners with you have to worry a lot more than just slippery roads or your car covered in snow when you want to take it out to go somewhere. Driving in winter is a test of your driving skills, but skills alone will not do the job.  You need your vehicle to be in a condition here it can also tackle the harsh winter conditions and for that you will have to do some preparations before the winter sets in.
Winter Care Of Your Car
Some of the major issues that you will face with your car during winter are while trying to start your vehicle after a long gap. When temperatures are low, there is a possibility that the liquids in your car will not be as fluid as they are generally and therefore will not make for an easy start.  You need to check if the antifreeze is at the right consistency required for low temperatures, check the threads of your tires and change them if required. Traction is very important while driving in slippery conditions and worn out tires are a bad option in such conditions. Check the car battery to see if it in good condition as cold starts will drain poor condition batteries and change the oil in your engine before winter.
Things To Do In Winter
It is always better to keep your car fueled up on a full tank in winter and if the fuel reaches the half mark, top it up as the added weight of the fuel will help you while driving in slippery conditions. Regularly check the lights on your car, the windshield wipers and the belts and hoses in your car. The hot and cold conditions can make hoses and belts to crack and break so always check them properly. Always vary a flashlight, a blanket and a first aid kit in your car for any emergency.

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