Miscellaneous Auto News From The States

March 21st, 2013 by Accessory Expert

Some Of The Latest News From The Auto Industry Are As Follows –

Mercedes tapsMercedes has expanded its production for its all new compact cars and is also adding the CLA 4 door coupe to its existing A and B class machines.

Reithofer is running its facilities in full swing to meet with the ever growing demand of the American markets and expects its sales to rise by about 4 percent in the States alone. The company also projects to sell about 75.5 million cars worldwide this year.

BMW sales rose by 9.2% in the month of February giving it a 407 car lead to overtake Audi while Mercedes slips to 3rd place. BMW is also planning to invest as much as 200 million euros in its Brazil facility to meet the ever growing demand for its vehicles.

In order to offset the increase in sales of BMW vehicles in America, Audi is expanding into North America with a 150000 unit factory in Mexico. The manufacturer plans to begin the construction of its Q5 SUV’s at the facility by the year 2016.

BMW Reports Healthy Profits In The States To Offset Its Downturn In Europe777

The BMW group boasted of an increase of 3.5% in its profits due to the increase in demand of its 3 series sedans in the United States of America and China. This extra demand helped the company make up for the loss of demand in Europe due to the downturn of the European markets. The company boasted of earnings of 8.3 billion euros before tax as compared to 8.02 billion euros in the previous year.

Cellphones Prove To Be One Of The Main Causes For Road Accidents Across The States

In one of the most shocking statistics to be revealed America features 7 of every 10 drivers talking on their phones while they are driving. According to the health department, this problem is much more pertinent in the United States of America than in Europe. Recent surveys have also shown that about 70 percent of Americans use their phone while behind the wheel while the percentage of drivers in Europe doing the same is just about 59%. Another survey also states that 31% of Americans also read or send SMS or emails while driving. As a result, in the States alone, about 3.5 million injuries occur each year out of which about 24 % are caused by these mobile phones.

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General Auto Show in Geneva Sees New Car Brand Launched

March 15th, 2013 by Accessory Expert

Chinese-Israeli car brand launched
Geneva auto show is like all other auto show places in the world. It sees a lot of debuts that come in. Most are known brands that come in with new car models or remakes. Every auto shown here is a debut in its own right as it is a car model that is being launched and has not been on the roads before. However it is comparatively rare to see a new car brand being launched. That is not something that is seen every day. Recently Qoros is a car brand that was introduced in the Geneva auto show and despite Alfa Romeo 4C, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible and other glitzy cars, this car brand managed to steal the thunder that day. Qoros 3 sedan
If you were not there to see it up front, here are few specifics:
The brand is a joint venture between a Chinese and an Israeli car brand
It was their first auto show
The first car to be displayed was the Qoros 3 Sedan
This was the first car of the brand to be offered in Europe
The initial manufacturing capacity of the car is 150000 units
It was found that the supercars drew in the biggest crowds unlike the 3 Sedan and the concept cars at the Qoros stand. There were certain unique features of the brand and the link with China has brought it into the spotlight very quickly.
Asian auto industry trends
China’s fast growing dominance in the car market is indicated by the following characteristics:
Asia has produced about 51 percent of the cars and trucks in the world in 2012
The share of the motor production in Japan has dropped from 16 to 11 percent
Even though brands like Kia and Hyundai have increased in the US market, the overall share of South Korea dropped in car production last year
78China’s output has risen in comparison
Reasons to look out for China
The recent automobile trends indicate that, if a new Chinese brand has been launched in the European market, it might well be a sign to sit up and take notice:
Output of cars from China has risen in comparison to other Asian countries
It is the fourth ranking country when it comes to cars and trucks, a rank that was established in 2005
It claims 8.5 percent share in the global car manufacturing scenario
As the Chinese companies grow in wealth, it is hard for them to stay out of the US and the European markets
The Qoros brand has higher chances of succeeding as it has well established ties with Western designers and suppliers. Since it was launched in a neutral environment, it will allow people to take a neutral view of the car brand and give it a chance to prove itself. If one looks at the numbers, China is rapidly rising and it might fast become a contender with the likes of Japan and Germany.

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General Auto News From Across The States

March 5th, 2013 by Accessory Expert

Fiat Finally Decides Against Building The Maserati In Detriot

The Maserati Levante was initially planned to be built at the Chrysler Group’s Jefferson North Assembly Plant in America. However, Fiat has now decided against building the Maserati in Detroit and plans to build the Levante at its facility in Italy. According to the company spokesperson, the main reason for the change of plans was that due to the demand of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Durango, the Detroit plant will be fully absorbed in making these two vehicles. However, industry insiders state that this is a part of a larger Fiat strategy to produce high end cars such as the Maserati and Alfa Romeo in Europe to revive the failing European business. Another reason may be that the Fiat factories in Italy were running at lower than 50% capacity and the company was afraid of the backlash of its Italian workers which would result in lower car sales in Italy. These losses would be something which might have become difficult to absorb for the prestigious automaker. 

Chrysler Forced To Recall Its Mid Sized Cars For What Is Being Described As A Fuel Tank Issue

The Chrysler group has been busy recalling about 2000 mid sized cars back into its fold in order to fix a certain batch which included fuel tank control valves that were damaged. An interesting piece of statistic is that out of the total number of vehicles being recalled worldwide, 1785 are in the States alone. The company has also assured to replace the fuel tank assemblies if the control valves in any of the cars are found to be damaged. BMW faced a similar recall problem just recently as well when they had to bring back 27 BMW Phantom as a few vehicles missed out on being fitted with anti mis fueling devices.


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