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February 25th, 2013 by Accessory Expert

Volkswagen Sees Tremendous Increase In Earnings In 2012 


Volkswagen AG, the German automaker boasted of an increase in net profit by 41% for the year 2012. The company featured a profit of $ 28.7 billion with a 21% rise in net revenues. The revenues of the company in 2012 were 192.7 billion Euro. The operating profit for 2012 was about 11.5 billion Euro which was a 2.1% increase from the previous year. Moreover, the number of vehicles that the company delivered worldwide crossed the 9 million mark for the first time. The total vehicles sold by the company rose by about 12.2% to a whopping 9.3 million. While the company has been conservative in its estimates for 2013 due to the current economic scenarios across the world, we still expect the company to exceed the last year’s level it has set for itself.


Honda Motors Plan To Set Up A New Unit In Ohio


Honda Motor Co, the first automaker of Japan to build cars in the States is now all set to increase and consolidate its operations in the country. As a result, it has planned the setting up of a new unit in Ohio to provide regional support services. The company plans to shift about 50 employees from its existing facility in Torrance to the new facility being prepared in Ohio. One of the main goals of this change is to help the company increase the speed of its decision making processes and also increase overall efficiency. The company also plans to create the Honda North America Services LLC which will be based in Marysville to coordinate the support functions for the various individual companies working for Honda in the region. However, this change is not projected to generate any additional employment at the moment.

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