Fashion Car Accessories

May 28th, 2012 by Accessory Expert

Why do we need to take of our car? We know for a fact that our car is not only our ride, it’s our badge to show to everyone else who we are. A car can bring symbol of status and a display of your reputation.  In fact, some people would even treat their cars better than the women would in their lives. In order to bring that on that particular level, you have to avail of yourself the most fashionable of car accessories. But you can always make yourself look good, without spending too much. For that, here are some tips on how to bulk up on car accessories with a tight budget.
1.Wash and wax your car regularly. It’s the probably the cheapest (yet the most effective) trick of the trade there is. You need to keep you car clean to really make it look good. Remember, that a car reflects its owner. If your car is clean, then you too are clean. If it’s dirty, then you too are dirty. For a good car accessory to get this started, just buy a good wash and wax kit. Just remember that if your car had decals and stickers, be very careful when it comes to cleaning and waxing it.
2.Buy an air freshener. This is another cheap way of improving your car aesthetic. Passenger will basically notice the car smell upon entering the vehicle. They will either stay comfortable if they feel that the car’s smell suits their needs or they would throw up if they think that the car freshener is just too overpowering.  Remember that everyone has various responses to different odors. To get started, just buy a $1-$10 car freshener and pick a good scent that not only you can relate, but others as well.
3.Buy Xenon bulbs. Xenon bulbs can give a car’s headboard light some color. This helps replace the week factory made halogen bulbs that are attached to your car. But aside from that, xenon bulbs often create a “luxury car” feel on a car, only for a price $20 to $45.
4.Vinyl stickers. A very cheap way to improve your car, window decals are made from high quality weather proof vinyl that last for many years. A basic in pimp cars, vinyl stickers are customizable and can often provide the message you want to convey through your car. They are even easy to apply and remove.

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Tips in Choosing Car Accessories.2

May 10th, 2012 by Accessory Expert

2)Seat covers—it may be a simple accessory, but providing the best seat covers inside your car can add extra points in providing comfort not just for yourself but also for your guests.  While extra padding could add more comfort, fabrics like neoprene or polyurethane can help regulate car temperature while traveling. However, if you’re more of a visual kind of guy or gal, then add leather covers or custom covers for some eye candy.
3)Home Entertainment in your Car—a good accessory to be provided to your ride should be in the latest in-car entertainment such as LCD monitors, DVD players and iPod docks that can be fitted right on your car.
4)Rugs— for an extra comfort, add some good rugs on the floors of your car, turning your small travelling machine into a mansion ‘o love. Special designed rugs while expensive as such, not provide a royal interior look inside your car, but also it gives a sort of sophistication on it.
5)Free for all—this last good great accessory tip that I could give to you. While it may be good to get initial advice on getting the right accessory, when it all comes to it, it will always be up to you on how your car would work. Depending on the accessory that you would want, it always comes down to your decision on how you would pimp your car. Whether you want to put a laptop tray on it or whether you follow on a more floral pattern on interior decorating, it’s up to you.

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Tips in Choosing Car Accessories.1

May 10th, 2012 by Accessory Expert

Car accessories put more than the accent in car designing; it also helps in the enhancement of the actual ride itself.  While many are happy with the default ride experience provided by a brand new car, it’s often better to put a little touch of our own style to give it a unique feel.
Car accessories are not just pieces of decoration you put on your ride, but it also serves as your signature, distinguishing your car from any other vehicle in the blacktop. Here are some good car accessories tips that can give you the right edge when it comes to your set of wheels.
1)Sound System—before your car’s “new car smell” dissipates, improve its “pimp factor” by putting in a good sound system on its dashboards and interior panels. Alternatively, you can try ripping off your car’s factory radio and speakers and replace it with a custom setup. Most popular brands nowadays often involved not just ultra-high fidelity sound outputs but also with extra features such as an MP3 player input. Also, don’t forget to install sound deadening material to reduce vibrations.

High performance products.

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Buick Regal News

May 8th, 2012 by Accessory Expert

A new tuning package for Buick Regal; vauxhall insignia from SLP. 

It was in 1999 when Buick Regal was reintroduced in the market and then successfully gained the biggest shares of the Chinese market. The Chinese market was captured by Buick’s luxurious interiors. It was the only GM luxury car that has a dashboard made of trimmed wood that is well-matched with wood trimmed door panels. A 276 hp engine and 360lb,ft torque makes it a power car and the rear end lifts up which is made possible by the ladder bar on the rear axle.

SLP said that the tuning package is exclusively for Buick Regal 1987. The deal does not include Buick Turbo Regal and the 1980 Buick Regal is also not included on the deal. SLP also made clear that the tuning package has to conform to the original Buick 1987 and not to depart from it. It would retain its anti-lock brakes and its part sedan performance. In addition, the new tuning package would continue to deliver the looks and the performance Buick is known for and SLP’s latest tuning technology.

SLP is a US aftermarket parts dealer and one of the leaders in the aftermarket and tuning industry. Its continuing success is made possible through its quality, solid and high performance products.

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A new Tuning package for Buick Regal

May 8th, 2012 by Accessory Expert

It was announced that Buick Regal insignia will have a new tuning package and the lucky tuning company to work on it is US SLP. The work of bringing back the Buick GNX insignia of the 80’s was consigned to the SLP, which is a US aftermarket parts and tuning company. SLP on the other hand has not given information on the name of the package but ensures the public about giving it a special name.

Essential accessories and parts.
SLP is now starting the redesigning work and focus on giving the Buick insignia the boots it needs to perfect its status on its class. SLP has given a few glimpses of what’ they’ve been doing on the Buick. The job starts by installing under the hood a 2.0 liter turbo charged-engine . It would be producing a 270 hp to come out with a standard engine. The exterior is fresh and new that would give Buick Regal a more muscular look. There are also talks of Buick getting new suspension and brakes . SLP on the other hand is not talking about these details but ensuring car observers that there are some truths on these, speculations and they’re working on them.

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Finding the Custom Ones

May 4th, 2012 by Accessory Expert

If you are someone who is a car lover or an enthusiast, so to speak, it is an important consideration to come up with the right custom car accessories and parts. With the use of such enhancing materials, your car will truly become a standout and a remarkable rolling item on the road.  For other people, they find it hard looking for the best accessories and car parts. However, for those people who want to maintain the good looks and physical conditions of their car, looking for these essential accessories and parts is not a great burden for them.

Many people are definitely proud of the reality that some car accessories and parts are rare and are difficult to find. In fact, many of these car owners even brag about the price in which they have obtained such parts and accessories because they know from the start that such rare items is worth the money they have spent because their cars have been given the opportunity to become a standout in the crowd of cars.  A lot of people enjoy hunting these things because searching is a natural part of the restoration process they have to do. 

There are actually many ways by which a car owner can transform his car into something new. With the use of car parts and accessories, car owners are able to transform the simple looks of their car into something like a muscle car that performs in an unlimited way on the streets.  Basically, they make use of custom parts and accessories for the engine or body of the car making it unstoppable and unbeatable on the road.

Some of the most common types of car accessories and parts, which are commonly used for the enhancement of cars, include mufflers, filters, chromed accessories and parts. All of these can add the flashy looks of their car and much more to that, making the car more attractive and head turning on the streets to wherever it goes.

Shopping for car parts and accessories may eat one’s time and effort but in the end, finding the right ones is worth it. If your car needs to have a new look and you are searching for the best parts and accessories to use, your search should never wane. Take note that there will always be something great and efficient for your car and you just need to continue hunting for them along the way.

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