Cadillac Sports Advanced LED Lighting

April 18th, 2012 by Accessory Expert

When it comes to luxury cars, no matter how important lighting is to vehicles, it can greatly affect the entire car. But 2013 Cadillac XTS luxury sedan has come up with car lighting that has more than dramatic effects on the car and truly reflects the inspiration the car was built in. 
The drama starts when the more than 20 separate sources of lights greet the driver. The dramatically choreographed sequence is timed to the fraction of a second when it answers to any of the trigger sources such as key fob, ignition switch and doors.

The new 2013 Cadillac XTS sports the signature Cadillac LEDS for its headlights and taillights. Door handles are also embedded with LED lights that switches on when the doors open and closes, and brings about surrounding lights in and around the car. This does not only enhance the design of the car but also keep the car lighted when park in a dark place. It makes the car visible in dark places making it easy to locate. While warmer lights accentuate the passenger areas, cooler blue lights in the inside draw attention to the car’s instruments.

Cadillac designers are proud to use advanced LED technology in their goals to bring illusion of space and dramatic effects on the car and succeeded in using lights for functional benefits of the car.  In addition, the new LED technology allows more palette of colors to work on and Cadillac designers was able to put more dramatic lighting effects than before. Christos Roustemis, Cadillac appointed designer said that each lighting phase was carefully sketched and choreographed that brought their work similar on those of theater lighting production. 

Cadillac is owned by GM Motors and an American luxury vehicles. It is currently selling in 37 countries with North American as its point of concentration. As of now, its largest market is China where its SRX is its top selling model. Its prestige is illuminated by its Dewar trophy from the Royal Automobile Club of England setting the firm’s slogan “The Standard of the World ” that the Cadillac still carries to the modern day of automobile manufacturing.

With Cadillac lighting designs for its XTS, Cadillac once more has proven its commitments for precision manufacturing and impressive and better-made car than its competitors.

Cadillac is a luxury car that has been synonymous to high spending. It’s one of the world’s coveted luxury cars and to own one is to own a distinct place in the world of high living.

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The Latest in Car Parts and Accessories

April 10th, 2012 by Accessory Expert

Comfort in driving can be attained with the proper car accessories and parts. You can visit your favorite car accessories store to check the latest and the most suited upgrades and add-ons to your car.  You can start with the most comfortable padded seat car covers. If your car seats do not have heating options, you can upgrade by fitting it with auto seat cushions that have heating options. It will minimize your use of the car heater. Plus, this amazing car accessory can enhance the driver’s blood circulation, which will reduce the usual body aches, and pain that you feel after a long drive.
In partner with the car seat heater should be a back-supporting pillow. Very few activities can really leave your body weary and painful like driving. For prolonged traveling, reclining your chair is not enough and you would really need something to prop up your back to allow your blood to flow unimpeded. Bad posture especially if not adjusted on long drives can really be a cause of discomfort and one way of battling it is to stop every now and then and stretch, or get a good pillow for your back.
Another amazing invention that may be helpful to you is the seat cover designed with memory foam.  The memory foam is a NASA technology, which aids the astronauts to fight the common joint aches and pains that they usually encounter when they travel into space. The memory foam automatically measure up and conforms to the varying body contours following its actual shape in order to provide unequaled support and comfort.
Some seat belts can be abrasive to the skin while other people just possess sensitive skin, which instantly becomes raw with continuous rubbing and pressure from car seatbelts.  In order to further damage your skin, which can be the cause of extreme discomfort while driving, you may need a good seatbelt cover.
There are thousands of other car accessories and parts that may be of use to. First off, there are two types of accessories, exterior accessories and interior accessories. Dash covers, seat covers, mats, and anything that is added to the inside of the car are considered an interior accessory. Gas caps, car wheel add-ons, fog lights, snow car gadgets, and other implements that are added to the outside part of the car are called external accessories. Choose those that will make your driving comfortable.

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