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December 20th, 2011 by Accessory Expert

You can customize your Chevy Corvette with some high-end wheels like the Vossen chrome wheels. It is considered to be the leader in manufacturing wonderful custom wheels in the world. It is known for its Italian style and inspired by its precision and durability. You can choose from a wide array of amazing wheels that are well-designed and crafted to suit your needs. You may buy these custom wheels at a discounted and wholesale price. There are several sizes of full custom wheels chrome that are perfect for your Chevy Corvette.

Today, the most popular wheel finish for Corvette is called the Chrome Corvette. This type of wheel is considered to the top rated and hot selling custom wheels that have ever been created in the market. It looks very sleek and sophisticated that’s why most people choose it. The second type of wheel finish is known as black wheels. It is also one of the best selling types of wheel finish that are less expensive. Lastly, the so-called alloy wheel is the third most popular wheel finish that most people purchased online. When it comes to sizes, the 17 inch custom wheel is the most famous among buyers and Chevy Corvette drivers. However, the 20 and 22 inch wheels are usually the top search in terms of wheel sizes on the Internet nowadays.

Samples of Vossen Wheels on Corvettes:

VOSSEN® – VVS087 Matte Black Machined with SS Lip

vossen vvs087 matte machined black ss

black and chrome vossen vvs087

chrome face vossen vvs087

vvs087 black and chrome

VOSSEN® – VVS087 Matte Black with Gloss Black Lip and Machined Pinstripe

vvs087 black

VOSSEN® – VVS087 Matte Silver Machined with SS Lip

vvs087 chrome

chrome vossen vvs087

all chrome vvs087

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