Euro Tail Lights – Light Up Your Way

December 23rd, 2008 by Accessory Expert

It is no secret why many drivers chase after Halo Headlights for their rides. The distinctive housing and exotic, lustrous luminance elicits an attention-commanding presence that is stylish as well as classy. Plain and simple, it says customized, and that you understand how to treat your vehicle right. Euro Headlights take it even further, promoting an image for the front that does so much more than illuminate the road ahead: they spark excitement as well. The styles, the colors, and the response of those car accessories are all within your grasp right here. Euro Headlights draw you in from the moment you notice them. The glimmering beam hosted by the translucent backing gives off a startling effect, instantly punctuating fashionable supremacy into the front of your ride. Just take a second and picture this ultimate attractive look on your model! All of our euro headlights are designed and constructed to last for as long as the darkened skies beckon, because our customers need to know they can count on us. And we’ll never change. You can always rely on us to give you the quality and style that makes a difference.


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Fesler Custom Wheels – New Era in Automotive Restyling

December 14th, 2008 by Accessory Expert


Fesler Designs 3 piece wheels are a complete line of top class custom rims created specifically for hot rods, muscle cars and trucks. Fesler involved all their experience and passion while designing unique wheels, which will fit your needs and underline your ride everywhere, no matter if it is a daily ride or some groovy car event. Cooperating with such brand as Asanti, Fesler used all the advanced techniques and approaches for manufacturing their high-end collection of superior wheels and rims. Big and powerful cars deserve special treatment and car accessories, which can be easily found here as Fesler is a leading company that manufactures best truck toys to make our clients pleased with their vehicles. Specializing in street rods, muscle cars, hot rods and late model customs, Fesler gathered a professional team of talented designers, painters and fabricators that build up masterpieces for over 50 years.

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WeatherTech Sunroof Wind Deflectors

December 13th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

WIND & RAIN DEFLECTORS. Every driver notices the switch. What starts off as a breeze turns into a howl. You go from effortlessly cruising down the highway to careening in and out of your lane. Wind Deflectors cut down the airstreams and raindrops that hamper your daily travels. Offers a terrific selection of Side Window Deflectors that make driving during blustery weather more manageable than ever. All of our Rain Deflectors come from brand names like WeatherTech® and PUTCO® to guarantee top-quality unmatched anywhere else. Easy installation with a smooth custom fit make Wind Deflectors a “must have” for all! Tired of too loud cabin noise your sunroof produces or fast moving air coming in? There is a great sollution for this problem the great resourse of any Car Accessories. WeatherTech Sunroof Wind Deflectors will reduce wind noise and air turbulence dramatically so you can enjoy the driving. It is crafted in Germany from the finest 4mm thick, tinted cast acrylic. Our sunroof deflector fits the sunroof opening precisely, and is held securely in place with the MagiClip™ vehicle specific fastening system. Besides WeatherTech Sunroof Wind Deflectors have leek and sophisticated look that will be a great addition to any vehicle. Try out new Dodge Sunroof Wind Deflectors, and get rid of all annoying noise and unpleasant trifles that bother comfortable driving.


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WeatherTech Deflectors – Comfort on Roads

December 11th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

There are a lot of trifles you face while driving that can be very annoying and bothering. I mean wind noise, bright sun, or stone chips that can scratch your vehicle’s front bumper. Fortunately there is a remedy against all these irritating factors. On Wood Dash Experts Web Site you gonna find Car Accessories that will help you make your driving comfortable and pleasant. Bug & Stone Deflectors, Side Window Deflectors and Sun-Roof Deflectors by Weathertech is the sollution you’ve been looking for. Forget about irritation while driving, with WeatherTech Deflectors your driving will be smooth and pleasant.

Check up our last updates for Cadillac Deflectors, choose the quality and comfort for your driving.

Cadillac Deflectors

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Lambo Doors Kit – Outstanding Finish for Your Ride

December 9th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

During the last gallup poll people were asked to describe an average sure car.

The most common answers were: powerful engine, streamline body and vertical  lambo doors. In deed, lambo door kit became very popular among car accessories for really tuff guys. The secret of such success lies in perfect fitment of vertical doors for almost all makes and models. You can argue that lambo kits are intended only for sport coupes like Lamborghini itself. That statement is only a part of the truth because vertical doors can be mounted both on huge trucks and 50 years old legends like Ford Mustang or Dodge Charger, providing a complete fantastic look. We have good news for you as you do not need to worry any more regarding where to buy high quality lambo doors kit. is the best place for car shopping as it combines wide range of car accessories, friendly prices, 24/7 support service and much more.

Vertical Doors

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