Car Accessories For Dodge Challenger – Shift Expectations

November 30th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Dodge Challenger has always been among legendary, true American hot rods, provoking both envious looks and admiration of all advanced auto professionals and amateurs as well. If you are the happy rider of that muscle car, it means you are at the top on our planet and your levels for stuff are high and exigent.\"\"

Thank God, will satisfy all your needs related with Dodge Challenger Accessories. Car tuning topics will disturb no more as you definitely know where to buy high quality car accessories. The exterior and interior of your famous vehicle will look like a masterpiece of some car styling studio, as our Dodge Challenger Accessories are made specially to insert a wonderful finish and superior design. The mounting process requires minor drilling or changing the structure as all Dodge Challenger Accessories are produced for the precise match with OEM factory cutoff point and holes.

Stop wasting any more time and gain for your own Dodge Challenger Accessories

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Exotic Gauges – Great Update for your Car’s Dash

November 29th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

How often do you look at your speedometer and factory gauges? I’m sure quite often. If you are fed up with you dull black gauges then there is a great wayout. At Wood Dash Experts Website along with numerous Car Accessories there is a great collection of exotic gauges that will brighten up and make the look of your stock face kits more vivid . You may choose between great variety of colors and find the one that will fit your interior best. Fortunately, the installation is quite quick and easy, it won’t become a pain for you, as there is an installation video guide available. Check out new Gauges for Dodge Ram with new Aqua Series available and add live to dull stock interior colors.

Dodge Ram Exotic Gauges

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NOTTO USA – New Level For Automotive Light

November 25th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

NOTTO USA prides itself on being a manufacturer that understands the demands of today’s drivers. In the current climate, everyone wants increased safety without neglecting precious style points. hid-conversion-kitsThat’s why they’ve created Notto SE HID Conversion Kits. HID headlights are proven to be an encouraged upgrade in nighttime driving security. And with many imports and high-end luxury models coming stocked with this technology, the need for HID technology for all models rises through the roof. Notto SE HID kits provide the necessary accessibility with unrivaled illumination and appearance that is sure to lead the way for years to come. Powerful and Exotic Notto SE HID Conversion Kits have debuted with an unprecedented amount of attention. HID technology has become the most talked about trend in automotive lighting. NOTTO USA just raised the bar to new heights. Vivid illumination and exotic style create the difference that makes factory halogen lamps positively pale in comparison. Designed for precise fitment and universal compatibility, Notto SE HID headlights are available for nearly every model in existence.

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Forged Rims by Symbolic – Completely New Line

November 16th, 2008 by Accessory Expert


Symbolic Wheels are noticeable representatives of Asanti family, which inherited not only a glorious name but also legendary traditions and a rich knowledge base from the famous brand. That’s why rims by Symbolic continue the line of premium quality luxury wheels, constantly enlarging the collection with new shiny models. Symbolic manufactures their car accessories using modern, computerized equipment, which allows to produce extra durable, safe and reliable rims. Besides technical characteristics, Symbolic brand pays much attention to the esthetic features of the wheels, offering the one of the most exclusive and luxury designs, which can be met on the present day aftermarket. Symbolic is a wonderful choice for people, whose main goal is to stupefy the surrounding and attract everybody’s attention. Company’s talented team of designers and engineers perform unique researches both in forging and in pattern creation spheres to stay on the blade of the custom wheel market. The results are really nice and you can make sure it by your own.


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Side Vents And Chrome Fender Trim

November 13th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

Side vents are included in the body kits you can get from Wood Dash Experts, Inc. In the kit for the Asanti, for instance, you will also get a grille, bumper and a trunk badge. You can also get universal vents. The best thing to do is look around and just see what is available. You can get chrome fender trim for many models, even a Hummer. To top things off, they are easy to install too.

Chrome Fender Trim

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High Grade Custom Wheels by RBP – Best Parts For Your Truck

November 9th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Custom Wheels for Big Cars should correspond to special demands as, besides the lovely look, those should bear great loads and assure safely driving.


Forged wheels for trucks by RBP are a new generation of Custom Rims designed specifically for SUVs and pick-ups, which combine hi-end manufacturing process, best quality components and powerful designs. Forged metal structure of RBP Custom Wheels assures strong durability and light weight, leading to improved driving of the truck. Being a Lexani division, RBP is paying special attention for the exterior look of its Forged Wheels, offering hundreds of fabulous designs and original finishes for its

car accessories. Forged Wheels marked with RBP label are true headliners in the industry as the most advanced techniques and innovations were involved while manufacturing them. RBP can not be compared with anything else, as it is a new age brand on the truck accessories aftermarket today.

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Chevy Tahoe Accessories Or Perhaps Dodge Charger Accessories

November 8th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

You know that there are many great Chevy Tahoe accessories at Wood Dash Experts, Inc. – but do you know what they are? The 2004 and up models can have some great fender flares, and there is also a stunning Chevy chrome mesh grille for 2007 and up. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. You will find some similar items if you are looking for Dodge Charger accessories. There are plenty of car improvements to choose from.

Dodge Charger Wood Grain Dash Kits

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Rear Spoilers – Find What You Want

November 2nd, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Invented as a helpful tool for car racings, rear spoiler became incredibly popular among car owners.\"Car Today these car accessories can be seen on various vehicles, including SUVs and trucks. Modern spoilers have several configurations, depending on the purposes which they are installed for. Lip or flush-mount spoiler like a tiny embellishment serves as a performance attribute, adding new shapes to the car\’s silhouette. On many models the border of the trunk is curved imitating spoiler. Also you can meet huge rear wings, which are usually mounted to the charged cars, or just on the rides of auto sport admirers. Frequently different accessories are integrated into the spoiler like break lights or park tronic, which makes rear spoilers very practical. You may ask a question, where to find those car accessories in high quality and good price. is the most acceptable location for rear spoilers as here a huge collection of spoilers is stored. Almost a thousand of rear wings can be picked up in one place. Visit us and your car won\’t be left without a present. Rear Roof Wings & Lip Spoilers. Every customizing-minded driver has to make a choice. There are no short-cuts, and the style has to fit the cause. Rear roof wings deliver an edgy, contemporary look to an area that is too often left untouched. The top of your vehicle finally has some personality to call its own, and rear roof wings engage that defiant custom presence that certainly makes a difference. After a different look? Lip spoilers energize the area on top of your trunk, revealing a sleek silhouette that is as sharp as it is shapely. You want easy installation? You got it! Rear roof wings and lip spoilers aren\’t “projects”, they are fashionable upgrades made to order for all drivers. Discover your inner style. Choose your outer personality.



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