Universal Vertical Door Kit – Take Your Chance

September 28th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

There are no people, who didn’t think about mounting vertical door hinges on their cars. Vertical_Doors_OnlineAlas, vertical door manufacturers concentrate on producing Lambo Style Kits only for famous top cars like Chrysler 300 or Cadillac Escalade, leaving without attention thousands of enthusiasts, who have less expensive and fascinating models. That’s why many of average car owners have to invent their own mechanisms, which often leads to awful results. Wooddashexperts.com has good news for you, offering high quality universal Lambo style conversion kit for major makes and models. If you decided to restyle your ride, there is no need to invent something new. Use our universal hinges for vertical doors and you will get rid of the headache relating with vertical door hinges invention. Detailed step by step instructions will lead you through the installation process. If you can not find your model at our website, please contact our customer service, and they will help you to find vertical door kit for the specific car. Car accessories at wooddashexperts will distinguish every single ride from the masses.


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LED Tail Lights – all in one Safety and Design

September 27th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Thinking about updating your stock Tail Lights? Charger LED TaillightsYou’ve come just to the right place. At Wood dash Experts Website you will find tail lights to your liking with no effort. As the Taillights are very important parts of your vehicle, not only as an exterior enhancement, but also as important performance accessories that will enhance the visibility on the road thus improving your safety, it’s important to choose it right. The best choice for you will be LED Lights, Light Emmiting diodes produce more light and last much longer then ordinary tail lights. I advise you to check first of all Led Lights for your vehicle, if you are an owner of Dodge Charger, then you are lucky today as there are new LED Tail Lights available for this fantastic car!


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Forged Custom Wheels – Put New Shoes On Your Ride

September 23rd, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Custom forged wheels take a special place on the present day aftermarket as those accessories are the most noticeable parts on every vehicle. Wheel industry offers thousand models and designs of rims which can reveal driver’s status, tastes and interests.  Before being installed every custom wheel comes through a complex technological process, where the metal structure is changed due to the high temperature and pressure.

Such transformation makes forged rims light and strong improving not only exterior view but also enhances performance level during routine rides and even sport racings. Alloy wheels may differ in sizes, which also influence the performance as larger rims complicate the start of the ride, but allows speeding up rapidly. Another great benefit is custom wheels are universal and can be mounted on every car. Wood dash experts web store contain various models of forged car accessories by world-known producers that guarantees high rate quality and awesome finish.

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Body Kits And Accessories – Automotive Dress-Code

September 21st, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Body kits and accessories are the most suitable way for an effective restyle of any automobile to gain a sporty exterior.Lowering Body Kit Even if your ride wasn’t granted an attractive appearance from the factory, front and rear air dams, side skirts, rear spoiler and other various body covers will fix it at once. All body packages are made basically of flexible ABS plastic (also called polyurethane) and light-weight fiber glass. Both variants are ok as body lowering packages made of those materials are durable and flexible enough for daily driving and tuff pressure. Wooddashexperts.com has done all the dirty work instead of you, enlarging its stock only with the best body

car accessories made by the finest, well-known and reliable producers, like RK Sport, VIS Racing, Wings West and others. No matter if you have legendary muscle car, hot road, grand SUV or sedan, you will definitely find a couple of suitable body packages to treat your ride. Shop at wood dash experts website to feel the complete pleasure and advantage from the automotive tuning.


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SunRoof Deflectors – Get Rid of Annoying Trifles

September 20th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Sometimes it annoys when the turbulence is too high in the car, but it’s also so hot and you can’t leave the roof closed. Nothing should distract the driver and he should feel himself comfortable while driving. Fortunately there is an easy way to solve this problem with help of such Car accessories as WeatherTech SunRoof Deflectors. Excellent reduction of in-cabin wind noise and air turbulence is guaranteed. You will stop worrying about the annoying trifles and start enjoying your driving. Check up last updates for Nissan SunRoof Deflectors.

Nissan Sun Roof Deflectors

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Premium Bull Bars

September 18th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

What’s the crucial part in your vehicle’s front end?  If you are doubtfull about this then think what part can alter your vehicle’s front end beyond recognition. Without doubt it’s Bull Bar. Now we present a brand new Grille Guards by Westin represented on Wood Dash Experts site. Westin is Front End Car Accessories manufacturer committed to handing over only the highest quality products. That’s why once you choose Westin Grille Guards you are guaranteed to get the product made up from the best materials. Adding Bull Bar to your car’s front end adds more respect to your vehicle on the road. For the owners of Ford F-150 we have excellent news, Ford F-150 Grille Guards are already available and awaiting for you, add up more originality to you car.

Ford F-150 Grille Guards

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Top Billet Grilles

September 14th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Looking for a way to emphasize a face of your car? Then think about updating your billet grille, this will not only add a stylish look to your car but also will create a good protection against debris entering the car’s engine compartment. Stylish billet grilles represented by best manufacturers of today aftermarket like: Precision, T-Rex Grilles, SES Trims, E&G and Lund are the best products you casn find in the internet and all these products are available for you at Wood Dash Experts Website. You can find grilles almost for all cars, trucks and SUVs. The selection of styles is huge so you’ll have only problems selecting the style you like more. Check up the latests updates for all new Honda accessories .

Honda Accord 2008 Billet Grilles

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Universal Car Accessories Fit All Models

September 13th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

The main benefit of universal car accessories is that they will fit every automobile, no matter if it is an ordinary sedan or some exclusive and luxury vehicle. Wooddashexperts.com is introducing a completely new section, called Universal, where you can find lots of interesting solutions for your car, even if it is some limited edition Ferrari or Lotus. The selection is constantly enlarging to make the customers pleased shopping with us. For example, a unique collection of custom forged wheels and rims will transfigure any vehicle as those are made by the finest manufacturers like Asanti, Lexani, Fesler, Kinesis, Tezzen and others. Also custom floor mats will make the inside cozy and tidy. All car accessories are available and can be ordered any moment. Besides, our rapid shipping won’t make you wait long for new parts, which can be installed just in a couple of days.


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Iced Out Emblemz

September 11th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Add the ultimate final touch to this beauty of your car with Iced Out Emblemz. If you want you car to look luxury then adding Iced Out Emblems is the best way to do that.  Car Accessories like these will easily emphase your car adding extra value to its price. Besides each of the IcedOut emblems is embedded with hundreds of gleaming authentic Swarovski crystals and it makes great impression. Swarovski crystals are known for their brilliant diamond shine without spending the diamond price. Check up Iced Out Emblemz for Chevy, affordable products adding a luxury look.

Chevy Iced Out Emz

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Nissan Maxima Accessories – New Parts For New Ride

September 10th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Wooddashexperts.com is constantly tracking for all releases in the automotive world both vehicles and car accessories for them. \"\" If you hear about some new car part from your relatives or friends, there is no doubt you will find it at our store. For example, a new generation of Nissan Maxima was introduced just this year but we already have various Nissan Maxima Accessories, which will perfectly integrate into your newly bought ride. Styling producers have already created wonderful dash kits, custom grilles, rear spoilers and much more car accessories for Nissan Maxima 2009 & up that can be ordered right now at our website. Every part comes with all necessary hardware and detailed instructions that will help the happy Maxima 09 owner to mount Nissan Maxima Accessories like a piece of cake in some minutes. Stand out your auto on the roads buying groovy Maxima parts and you will create new direction in the automotive styling fashion.

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Chrome Accessories – Trim your Car

September 7th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

When you look at gorgeous woman with expensive jewelry that makes expression. Same thing is with your car. A stock view of your car won’t impress anyone, that’s why you need to take care about jewelry for your car. In other words Chrome accessories is what you need to draw attention. Don’t make people stay indifferent when they look at your car, with brand new chrome accessories from top manufacturers your car will start to shine. If you are an owner of Chevy Silverado then you’re lucky as we’ve got new chrome car accessories for this car recently, trim your car with best chrome accessories that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Chevy Silverado Chrome Trim

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Dodge Magnum Accessories – Find What You Need

September 7th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Dodge Magnum is an attractive representative of the muscle car class on the US automotive market. 2008-dodge-magnum-grillesNo wonder, producers of car accessories today devote lots of sources for creating new items both for vehicle’s interior and exterior. Dodge Magnum Accessories include stylish chrome parts like custom grilles, pillar posts, different handles and covers to add more gloss and mirror finish into ride’s appearance.


You can also find wide selection of forged rims by well-known brands and aerodynamic body kits for your Dodge Magnum. To decorate car’s inside restyling manufacturers offer exclusive dash kits, unique floor mats, various lights and much more. Wooddashexperts.com is a leading dealer of Dodge Magnum Accessories in the web as we gathered thousands of Magnum toys in one place. Our customers trust us for an excellent service and high quality products. We have all facilities to make your car stylish and glamour.


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Wheel Rims by Lexani

September 4th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

One of the first Car Accessories people notice in your car are Wheel Rims. Wheel Rims can tell much about the car’s owner. So don’t think about saving money when it comes to your wheels. One of the best rims you can find for your car are manufactured by Lexani®. It’s a respectful manufacturer of the wheels that’s highly praised all over the world.  Lexani® Wheels is a bold styling and perfect upgrade for the automobile’s exterior. With Lexani Wheels you don’t need to worry about not being noticed. Your car will  draw attention of the surruonding with an ease with such stylish Wheel Rims. Check up the latest updates for Acura Wheel Rims by Lexani, a luxury addition to your exterior.


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Lambo Doors – Make Your Car Different

September 2nd, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Custom car hinges for automotive doors, known today as Lambo doors or vertical door conversion kit, was introduced on Lamborghini Countach, which original construction did not allow doors to open in the ordinary way. The idea was really innovative and lots of car enthusiasts began to supply their vehicles with lambo door kits, making its exterior really impressive. Scissors door hinges are produced by dozens of manufacturers but a person, who desires to install such a device on his ride, should not be bribed with low prices or other doubtful offers as spoiled conversion kits may harm his auto. Wooddashexperts.com is a respectful and reliable dealer, which supplies the customers only with top quality car accessories, including vertical door kits. No matter if you are searching for specifically designed hinges or universal ones, those can be ordered at our online store. Lambo doors are produced using best components that assures long lifetime and correct functioning. All required information and tools are included in kits, which will make the installation process convenient and quick. Try it on and your ride will get a second life.

 Lambo vertical doors

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Luxury Car Wheels – Absolute Advantage

September 1st, 2008 by Accessory Expert

It is impossible to restyle any vehicle without choosing a lovely set of custom car wheels and rims. \"\" To say the truth that industry is well developed nowadays and every car enthusiast can buy non-stock car rims selecting every detail like wheel pattern, size, color and finish individually taking into consideration personal tastes, ideas and budged. Most custom car wheels are forged that makes them both durable and light, improving car’s performance and look. Leading wheel brands are Asanti, Fesler, Lexany, Tezzen, Kinesis, Symbolic & RBP wheels, which involve all innovations while manufacturing their stylish an premium quality car accessories. You can order suitable rims not only for sedans and coupes but also for heavy trucks, hot rods, SUVs and other known vehicles. From that time your ride will be noticeable and astonishing during your daily trips. The only question left is where to buy custom rims without headaches related with reliable dealer and low prices. Our online store is a nice variant to pimp your ride, ordering the best car rims in the industry.

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