Projector Headlights

August 31st, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Do you like stock Headlights of your  car? I bet they can look much better with brand new Projector Headlights. Chevy Cobalt Projector HeadlightsCar Accessories like Headlights draw much attention that’s why they should look special. Wood Dash Experts Website will help you to find proper Headlights for your car. Besides its cool look projector headlights provide more light and serve much longer than stock headlights. Whether you’re planning to customize your truck, SUV or car or you want to improve its driving safety choosing Projector Headlights is the only right decision.  Check up our new additions for Chevy Cobalt Projector Headlights , let the eyes of your car shine bright through the dark.


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Hitch Covers – A Vivid Trifle on your Car

August 28th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

If you are looking for car accessories that will slightly change the ordinary look of you car then there is no better way then add a hitch cover to the backend of your car.  Awesome acrylic finish and high quality plastic are designed for overal durability long-lasting service. The disigns are vivid and bright and will emphasize the back of your car. Besides the price is funny. Check up how cool Hitch Covers would look on your chevy, make the people turn their heads.

Chevy Hitch Covers

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Custom Car Grilles – Distinguish Your Ride

August 26th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Custom Car Grilles take a special place among car accessories on the present day market. Billet or mesh, those grilles completely change the perception of every model making it more noticeable on the roads. The variety of patterns on custom grilles allows you to select the one, which will suit your specific ride. Most custom grilles are made of steel or ABS plastic with chrome cover. A special proud is finishes which can be shiny or imitating some roughness like gun powder. To buy awesome car grille you do not need to travel far away or surf on some unreliable websites. Visit and you will surprise with the rich stock of the best car accessories on the web. Custom grilles by Asanti, Giovanna, T-Rex, Precision, E&G and other leading manufacturers are ready to enhance the front end of your car. All custom grilles will precisely fit the vehicle without major changes. All mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions are included and if you will have questions, our customer service team will be happy to solve all problems.


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Car Spoilers – Sweet Addition For Your Wheels

August 24th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Car spoilers are those essential accessories that influence both on vehicle’s exterior and performance as well. Easy to install as the majority of rear spoilers come with mounting bolts and adhesive surfaces, those parts will improve your car’s stability on high speed, dragging its wheels to the road surface, ensuring traction and allowing the auto to brake, accelerate and turn more forcefully. Today people distinguish rear deck spoilers and front spoilers, which are installed right under front bumper (also known as front air dans). Modern car spoilers are usually made of fiberglass and ABS plastic, which makes spoilers durable enough to properly commit their function. is a super store of those car accessories as here you can find wide selection of rear wings, lip-mount spoilers, and even full body kits by famous brands like Razzi, WingsWest, VIS Racing and much more. Such facilities will help to make your ride stylish, aggressive and more stable on the roads. Special pearl of our line is a full collection of Dodge Charger accessories which is ready to be delivered right to your doors. From that moment you will be proud for the vehicle you ride on every day.

Rear Spoiler

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Cargo Liner – Extra Cargo Area Protection

August 23rd, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Cargo Area of your car is thr place that needs good protection, especially during rain or snow. Cargo Liners by Weathertech provide the protection that you need.

All Cargo Mats are computer designed to fit your specific vehicle. They easily keep spills, grease and dirt away from your car’s interior. Made from a proprietary custom blended TPO (thermopolyolefin) they will serve for ages without being worn. So if you care about your car’s interior you’d better think about providing best Cargo Area Protection by WeatherTech. Check up our latest updates for Dodge Cargo Liners.

Dodge Cargo Liners

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Dash Kits – Personolize you interior

August 21st, 2008 by Accessory Expert

While driving you have to feel yourself comfortable and relaxed. To reach such effect you need to personalize the interior of your car and feel youself as in your own appartment. Start with transforming the Dash Panel. You can apply a nice wood dash kit to make it more vivid and more expensive looking. A nice Dash kit can easily tranform the interior of your car, as there are lot of material colors along with OEM Matching wood color for you to choose. Polyurethane coating is applied to all the dash trim kits for a lifetime protection. Check up new arrivals of Dash kits for Pontiac G 8 2009 & UP, make first step in transforming of your interior.


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Chrysler 300 Accessories – Best Sellers on the Market

August 19th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Chrysler 300 is the most popular among luxury sedans nowadays, and grateful owners want to enhance the adorable ride with all sorts of car accessories, available in great variety on the aftermarket. For that reason Chrysler 300 Accessories has won the first places in all best selling top list. is a leading car accessories online store which is known among the customers for the widest stock list, superior quality and customer support, willing to help on any questions. Chrysler 300 Accessories take a special place in our collection, boasting with a unique line of Chrysler 300 grilles, manufactured by top producers like Giovanna, Asanti, E&G Classic, Precision, T-Rex and others. Such grilles will greatly improve the front end of your Chrysler 300, carrying in a shiny touch of glamour and luxury. In addition, please view the boldest selection of Chrysler 300 Chrome Accessories like gorgeous chrome mirror covers, pillar post, door handles, original chrome grille mustache and much more. We have all opportunities to build up your own Chrysler 300 stylish and personal.

chrysler 300 accessories bestsellers

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New Chrome Accessories

August 17th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

If you want you car to look more expensive then you gotta think about upgrading its custom looks with some Chrome Accessories. This is easy, fast and the most convinient way to change your car in the twinkling of an eye. Wood Dash Experts will help you with that. They’ve got everything you may need or think off. Provided by best manufacturer of today aftermarket, you may not worry about the product you will get.  Door Handles, Mirror Covers, Pillar Post are items that will easily change the stock view of your vehicle to something more. Check up the latest update for all new Lincoln MKS Chrome Car Accessories, you just won’t recognize your car with them.

Lincoln MKS Crome Trim

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Luxury Forged Wheels by the Best Brands

August 16th, 2008 by Accessory Expert is happy to present a complete collection of luxury

custom wheels and rims by the world leaders like Asanti, Lexani, RBP, Fesler, Kinesis, Symbolic and Tezzen companies. No matter if you have a truck, hot rod, roadster, luxury sedan or any other vehicle type, you will definitely find here a set of awesome wheels in any size and finish. All the manufacturers have gained the fame among the car owners due to the superior quality, groovy patterns and advanced customer service. Such philosophy allows them to be on the cutting edge of the wheel fashion nowadays. Owing a set of such godlike wheels will distinguish your ride from dull stock models. The wheel producing techniques have reached great results as you can order custom wheels with animal skin patterns, gravures and rims decorated with stones, chrome spikes, etc. Besides a lovely exterior, custom wheels upgrade performance as well. We stand behind our customers offering only top quality products and car accessories customer support

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Perfomance Chips – Powerful Breakthrough

August 14th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

If you are looking for a way to increase your car’s power then i have a great news for you. The new Car accessories that will help you in that are Performance Chips provided by Superchips Inc. These chips will increases horsepower and torque, improve fuel economy, optimized driveability, diagnostic trouble code reading capability. Most chips are internet updateable and can be easily installed without special tools. Don’t waste a chance to add additional horsepower to your car, truck or SUV with innovative tuning solutions. Check Up latest updates for Chevy Tahoe Performance Chips.

Tahoe Performance Chips

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Performance Chips – A New Word In The Engine Tuning

August 12th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

All car owners have a moment in their life, when the esthetic look of their vehicle becomes complete, and the only part left, without an attention is an engine. enlarges its collections with effective and reliable car accessories, which will help you to gain some extra horsepower and torque. Special attention is devoted to performance chips and air intakes that easily add more power without huge changes to the fuel system or car’s engine. Our online store offers tuner chips by well-known producers like SuperChips, Edge Products and Bully Dog – true leaders of the performance accessories on the aftermarket. Performance chips make your auto go faster and sound louder, forcing other people turning their heads and staring after your performance. The benefit of such tuners is that you can return back to the stock settings, choose among several tuning levels and calibrate dash board devices for the new setting or changes like tire sizes, fan adjustments, etc. Besides you can update your tuner programmers via Internet for new programs and sets of options. The only thing you need to know is that not all tuners are legal for certain states as such upgrade may cause the incensement of pollution amount. So if you firmly decided to give more horses to your ride, do not hesitate and order performance chips for most domestic makes right now.

tuner chips

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Bull Bars

August 10th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

What can be more important than your protection while driving? Nothing, that’s why more protection will always be welcome. The means of additional protection can easily be found on Wood Dash Experts Website. Ones of the Car Accessories that provide more safety along with exterior enhancing are Grill Guards. Nice looking Bull Bars will be the best addition to your SUV’s or Truck’s front end.   Check up the latest updates for GMC Yukon Grill Guards,  provide more confidence on road.

GMC Yukon Bull Bars

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Car Accessories at Affordable Prices

August 7th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Dressing up your ride is not that simple as it might seem. In order your car looked better after the tuning proper Car Accessories must be applied. Best place to find proper Car Accessories for your car is on Wood Dash Experts Website. Here without hesitation you may order any car part without being afraid about its quality. Wood Dash Experts work only with leader manufacturers on today auto market. Thousand happy customers buy Car Accessories on the site every day. Join the community of true car admirersand make your car look better. For today i’d advise the owners of brand new Lincoln MKS to check up the chrome accessories for this great vehicle, as there was an update couple of days ago.

Lincoln MKS Chrome Trim

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Exotic Colors in Interior

August 5th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

One of the easiest way to make you car stand out of an ordinary is a replacement of stock gauges. On wood Dash Experts Website you will find a great collection of exotic gauges that will help you to make your car’s interior more vivid. There are different styles that will bring much difference and will personolize your car. Among the latest updates there are Aqua and Aquamariner styles with soft blue colors. Besides this thare are lot of coloful gauge covers if you want to make a radical change. For owners of Ford Mustang i advise to check up the latest update for MPH and KMH gauges, brighten up your interior.

Mustang Exotic Gauges

Gauges are the most cost effective way to improve the appearance of your car and give you the styling you deserve. Our car accessories are available in a variety of styles and colors and are available for most late model cars on the road today. Each gauge is constructed of the highest quality components.

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Road Warriors Depend On Grill Guards For Protection

August 4th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

Road warriors realize the importance of grille guards. They are out there in the front absorbing the punishment of road debris including water, rocks, brush, and debris thrown from other vehicles. Grill guards also act as protection for the passengers in the event of a collision. The grills that come as standard issue may have been manufactured according to minimum safety standards but you need more when you’re a frequent travelers.

Romik Grille Guard

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