Billet Grilles – Best Quality is a Rule

July 31st, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Billet Grille in your car is one of the most important parts for tuning. If you think about enhancing the car’s look then there is no better place to start from then with billet grille. Wood Dash experts website will help you in that, here you’ll find best selection of billet grilles with installation guides, which will make it fairly easy. Only the best manufacturers Car Accessories are presented on site, so won’t need to worry about the quality of bought product, best quality is guaranteed. The updates are frequent and there are always new inovative grilles available. Just check last update for Cadllac Escalade Billet Grilles, there is much to choose from.

cadillac escalade billet grill

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Euro Tail Lights Online Save Time And Costs

July 31st, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

If you’re tooling around in an imported car you have special needs and requirements for maintenance, repair and upkeep. The time and cost involved in scheduling appointments, drop offs and pick ups may be cutting into your calendar also. Your pride in the car also dictates quick fixes and well thought out enhancements such as your tail lights. It may be time to check out the wide availability of Euro tail lights online. The providers offer guarantees and assistance to further help you out.

Custom Tail Lights

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GMC Trim Kits Will Favorably Distinguish You Ride

July 29th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

GMC has designed its trucks, utility vehicles and vans to be smart, exceptionally durable, innovative and powerful. These industry-leading trucks were engineered exclusively for professionals to meet every single challenge for the hugest jobs been done. Owning a GMC vehicle means to have a sum of hi-end and advanced driving technologies and confidence in future. The pickups and trucks have always been main workhorses of American highways and byways, and GMC has also been there from the first day. Originally respected and used by small-business owners, construction workers and farmers those trucks are known for their longevity and reliability. has some extra car accessories like GMC dash kits to ennoble your truck interior making it not only durable and strong but also well-designed and luxury. High quality dash kits is a fresh idea for the custom restyling as it helps to realize all designing goals and commit a breakout of your truck perception. Real wood stained dashes will cause fascinating results as the inside won’t look dull and boring anymore carrying in the trends of the luxury vehicles. GMC dash kits are produced by the finest manufacturers, which stand behind their accessories and what the customers to be happy ordering dash board kits.




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SportTrac Custom Grilles For Replacement And Accent

July 29th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

News flash for Sport Trac owners and lovers. Go outside and check your car grille. First, do you have one? Second, is it in good shape? Since the factory installation is plain and unexciting you are probably in the market for a replacement or addition. There are custom grilles for sportsmen, off roaders, and the classic styling. These are crafted out of aircraft grade aluminum with precision fitted joints that will stand up against serious wear and tear. If you have another type vehicle, custom grilles are available also.

Ford Sport Trac

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Custom Dash Kits – Groovy Restyling

July 27th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

The automobile restyling main stream today has involved all means and tools to fix every single shortage of stock cars design, adjusting the vehicles for each specific owner and reflecting his tastes or views. Chrysler 300 Wood Dash TrimAlso we should mention other important criteria, which attracts people to perform some customizing for their autos, like availability and easiness. Average car owner needs to know that his efforts won’t lead to failure and spoiling of the ride but instead spending low time and power must lead to good results. Dash kits are not an exception and producers have left the entire hard and dirty job for themselves, brining to the customer almost ready car accessories. Every model has its own peculiarities related to dash shapes, device order and amount. That’s why buying dash kits for your Chrysler 300 or Dodge Charger, clients should not worry about the its match, as all dashboard sizes and shapes have been taken into consideration while manufacturing. Depending on the model you need to search for different types of dash kits, like flat dashboard trims, molded ones and combos. The good news is that you can do it at and the results will please you.


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Custom Billet Grills

July 26th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

If you are feeling that your car can look better, than it’s time for you visit Wood Dash Experts website. Various Car Accessories will help you in inmproving your vehicle’s look. There are thousand of them and you need to decide where to start with. I advise first of all to change the stock billet grille, coz it’s the first change that will catch an eye. A beautiful front side makes great impression if the right billet grille is applied. The choice of billet grille, mesh grille, and other car accessories will sarisfy the needs f most demanding customers. Check up lates updates of chevy silverado billet grilles, great enhancing is guaranteed.


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LED Custom Tail Lights Are Perfect Replacements

July 25th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

Our Honda Civic was just spiffed up with some really neat LED custom tail lights. Not only does the car look brand new, it’s fun again. LED tail lights are bright and highly visible for safety. We even had a choice between ruby red, clear, black, and smoke for a real individual look. These lights are perfect replacements for broken, filthy lights and have a true precise fit for long time wear and tear. They’re available for most makes, from the Civic to the Accord and the Passport.


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Car Accessories – Affordable Quality

July 24th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Have you ever noticed heavily tuned cars on the roads? You must have thought that all these car accessories cost bunch of money. Fortunatelly you are mistaken. Nowadays Car Accessories are quite affordable despite their highest quality. Of course there are lots of luxury car accessories available for the highest prices, but these car accessories are counted on top cars whose owners can afford them. For the rest cars you may find analogs for quite affordable price. Visit Wood Dash Experts Website and you will be impressed with the selection of Car Accessories it offers. I’d recommend you to check up Chrysler Car Accessories, it’s one of the best collection Of Chrysler Accessories over the internet.

Chrysler Car Accessories

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Custom Car Grill Personalizes Your Vehicle

July 23rd, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

tandard billet grills installed by the factory can definitely be improved upon and easily done so. Obviously, the plain Jane’s are included to lower costs and labor; however, it leaves it open for you to choose the one you like the best. There are choices out there for heavy mesh, double mesh, and others from top manufacturers to really customize any vehicle. Save money on the front end and add exactly what you like. And when it comes to matching the exact car grille to your vehicle, check out the wooddashexperts.


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Custom Dash Trims – Carry in New Features

July 23rd, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Applying a dash kit is the most suitable method to restyle automobile’s interior without spending much strain and funds. The result of such transform is as strong as the new paint for the car’s body. \"customWelcome to the largest online dash kit store, where everyone can select and order fascinating dashboard kits for most models. you will get rid from grey plastic factory dashes, bringing new features and concepts into the vehicle’s interior. Extra large selection of dash kit finishes, stains, materials and colors won’t hold in your imagination and will let you realize all ideas and designs for the car’s brand new interior. Exotic wood dash trim kits will add your auto features of the luxury makes, which have wood dashes as a standard option. Carbon fiber and metal patterns will transform an ordinary model into a rash sport car, carrying in violent and Spartan trends, restyling your ride into an aggressive road warrior. Futuristic aluminum and chrome finishes are also nice alternatives for both bright colors and wood dash kits.

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Billet Grilles For Her, And You

July 22nd, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

If you agree that you should only buy your wife a car you want to drive, you’re right. JAGUAR GRILLSEven better, you can customize it for special occasions. She’ll love a billet grille, not only because it sounds beautiful, but it will really individualize the car just for her, and for you. These grilles are inserts designed to cover or totally replace a factory installed grille and you can do it yourself! These are not flimsy replicas, but top quality products from highly reputable manufacturers like T-Rex, E&G Classics, Precision, and more.


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Grille Guards Upgrade And Protect Your SUV

July 21st, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

One very nice addition to your SUV that is not only sharp looking but useful is a custom grille guard. Grille guards can give your vehicle a real upgrade and protect the front end in the process. These guards include brush guards, skid tubes, single and heavy duty pipe bumpers and sports bars. You can even choose between stainless steel or or black powder coat to really magnify the appeal.

Nissan Grille Guards

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Custom Car Grilles – Awesome Restyling of the Vehicle’s Front End

July 20th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Car Grilles should harmonize with the whole vehicle’s image, like a purse should correspond to the rest clothes. Present day grille manufacturers offer millions of custom grilles for every single model and for every income. Wide range of designs gives an opportunity to spend years for choosing the most suitable car grill. Vertical and horizontal billet grilles or mesh grilles with different shapes and sizes of the cell are available and can be ordered just now. is one of the aftermarket headliners, which posses with the greatest collection of the car accessories and car grill section is a pearl of that collection. One glance on the grille manufacturers list will show that you are in the proper place. Billet grilles by Asanti, Precision, Giovanna, T-Rex, E&G Classic will make everybody loose one’s head from the diversity of car grilles. Due to the constant enlargement of our grilles assortment, a lot of cars can boast with a fashionable car grill, which inserts peculiar shapes and changes the perception of the whole vehicle.

custom grilles for cars

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Sporty Body Packages – Let’s Go!

July 19th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

If your vehicle has so dull exterior that you’re even ashamed to show up while driving, there is no other way then to start total restyling of the car’s exterior. Lowering body kits are a good variant to carry in fresh trends and lines to the automobile’s shapes.

Present day aftermarket offers thousands of such car accessories usually made of polyurethane or fiber glass. Various manufactures try to attract the customers by aggressive style body kits, which will greatly update your rides look. is the finest place to order sporty body packages for different models, as here we have collected complete lines of kits by leading producers like RK Sports, VIS Racing, Razzi, Wings West and others. Every day we enlarge our product range by new lowering body packages making more customers pleased with brand new lines, their rides will get. Today supplies with the highest quality body kits, making other competitors envious and leaving them on the eternal second place. Wonderful customer service and the fastest shipping make this company a strong leader in the car accessory industry.

Lowering Body Kits

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Asanti Custom Wheels – Legendary Brand on Your Car’s Feet

July 17th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Custom Wheels are real bestsellers on the whole car accessories aftermarket as it is the most effective way to upgrade vehicle’s exterior and improve performance level.  Custom wheels are available in thousands of models, finishes and dimensions by various brands and it is very important to choose right wheels, which will suite specifically your ride. is proud to offer custom wheels and rims by a true sky scrapper of the wheel industry like Asanti. Forged Wheels by Asanti are known world wide as the standard for both extra high quality and astonishing designs, which underline the status of their owner and rise up his social value. Asanti forging is a complex process that is based on advanced techniques and enormous experience, the brand has gained since the company’s foundation. Top class Asanti Forged Wheels are like an exclusive jewelry for the vehicles, which will make a sensation on every car event or just on the street. Asanti offers the grandest selection of rim models that strike the minds by the originality and variety of approaches and materials used for their design.

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