Ground Effects Package – The Best Restyling Ever

June 29th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

There is nothing better for automobile restyling than to apply an aggressive lowering body kit or ground effects package, which will transform every ordinary box on wheels into a real racing car. Menacing exterior of your vehicle will make the passers by staring all the time while you are driving through the street, earning new fans and admirers. Ground effects car accessories are available in tons of variants, styles and finishes and it can be really hard to choose a lowering package, which will fit the ride and meet high quality standards. is proud to present a completely new line of Ground Effects Body Kits by Wings West – a true leader in the restyling industry, whose products won first prizes on different motor shows and events. The moving force of their craftsmanship is satisfaction of customers’ wishes, combined with innovative technique, reach experience and the desire to supply the industry with only top quality Ground Effects Packages. Pre-fit test and top quality impact resistant components will assure both easy mounting and lifetime warranty for all the kits. With Wings West products you will get such benefits as a professionally designed Ground Effect Body Kit, upgraded exterior and improved handling of you car.

Wings West Ground Effects Package

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Asanti Grilles And Chevy Accessories

June 26th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

There is no shortage of Asanti grilles at Wood Dash Experts, Inc. One great way to purchase one is to purchase one in an Asanti body styling kit. That will come with the grille , a bumper, a trunk badge and side vents. There are many kits for many different models. There are also some great Chevy accessories, if that is what you need instead. In fact, the best thing for you to do is enter your car’s make and model into the search feature to see what is available.


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Chrome Trim for a Dream Car

June 26th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

One of the most popular car Parts today are Chrome Accessories. It’s no wonder in view of its numerous advantages. First of all Chrome Trim Parts are quite affordable, anyone can afford to pay $60 for a nice Door Handle Covers or Mirror Covers. It’s worth it. Secondly Chrome Accessories are fairly easy to install, even a 10 year boy can do it without any problem, due to double sided adhesive technology. So for quite affordable price and with minute installation you get a great enhaced look o your base model, of coursre when used in moderation. Check the latest updates for Dodge Charger Accessories, this diamond deserves a good faceting.

Dodge Charger Chrome Trim

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Ground Effects Packages – Transform Your Ride Into Roadster

June 24th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Cars with installed Ground Effects Packages have always attracted everybody\’s attention, provoking admiration and astonishment.

But before buying those car accessories you need to search only for the best body kit manufacturers and reliable dealers not to be disappointed with your shopping. Ground Effects Package should be made of the high quality materials and components, not to be spoiled or damaged during the daily trips. boasts with the best Ground Effects Body Kits on the web by well-known and reliable producers, which involved all their skills and experience to create body kits for vehicles, which will favorably distinguish them from the masses. RK Sports and Razzi Ground Effects Packages are manufactured of the best ABS plastic which is scratch resistant and durable to keep the fresh look of the body kits as just being bought. Besides the fabulous look and top quality our lowering packages differ by easy installation with can be completed custom in every average garage or at local work shop. Buy Ground Effects Packages and you will be pleased with a customer service, quick shipping and a totally new exterior your ride will have.


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Ford F-150 Dash Kits – Nice Upgrade for Your Truck

June 22nd, 2008 by Accessory Expert

If you ask anybody “What is the most popular American full-size truck?” the only answer will be Ford F-150.

For more than 60ty years millions of F-150 have been sold and continue finding thankful owners all over US. Ford F-150 faces towards all needs and requirements for the full-size trucks. People with small-business and commercial needs view that pickup as the most suitable workhorse. From the other hand F-150 is a best selection for providing leisure and sport services, off-road driving and recreational needs. It’s known for its special handling and ride characteristics and functionally attractive interior designs. A wide range of car accessories, kits and level trims make it possible to have Ford F-150 you wish.  is a leading online store providing the best Ford F-150 dash kits available on the aftermarket. With our exotic wood dash trim kits you can carry in luxury features into your workhorse’s inside. Ford F-150 dash kits are the best variant to enhance a truck’s dashboard without spent much effort and money. The precise OEM match of our Ford F-150 dash kits will guarantee the accurate finish of your truck’s interior.

wood dash kits blog

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Chrome Door Handles And Chrome Auto Trim

June 20th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

Chrome accessories can be a great place to start or a dynamic finishing touch. The little things are what make your car stand out – or what can make it start to look worn. That’s why chrome door handles are an excellent idea, especially if you are driving an older-model car. The overall appearance of the vehicle depends on the details. Wood Dash Experts, Inc., has a great selection of chrome auto trim to really spiff up any vehicle, from a Ford To a Ferrari. Visit the site to see what they can do for you.

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Ground Effects Package by Razzi – Add a Lowering Look for Your Ride

June 19th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

For sure, every car owner imagined his vehicle, participating in some rally events or other automobile racings. Fabulous cars with ground effects packages and powerful engines attract lots of attention especially among hot ladies. Even if that dream won’t come true and you won’t become a famous racer, you may anyway restyle the vehicle supplying it with lowering body kit, carrying in the aggressive look. is the best online store, offering wide selection of ground effects packages by Razzi – leading body kit manufacturer on the aftermarket. All car accessories are made of finest materials, using durable ABS plastic which is scratch resistant and will keep the fresh look for long time. The rich experience of the company will improve both exterior and performance standards of your ride. Ground effects body kit is designed and well-tested to control air flows, increasing the precision of handling and steering. Razzy ground effects package is an easy and effective way to make your vehicle sporty.

Razzi Ground Effects Package

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Chrome Car Accessories And The Putco Brand

June 18th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

What kind of chrome accessories are appropriate for your car? If you don’t know, then browsing at Wood Dash Experts can give you plenty of ideas. You will find PUTCO brand, which is a good one. Only the finest materials will do, so you know you are getting some of the best chrome car accessories on the market. You can find mirror covers, door handles, window visors for Chevys, Dodges, Chryslers and many more.

Putco Chrome Gas Cap

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Grille Guards – Add more Performance and Style

June 17th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

If you are a proud owner of a SUV or Truck then i’m sure at least once you’ve thought about buying nice Bull Bars for your car. A really good Bull Bar may be a versatile tool for your truck or SUV. Providing your car’s front end with good Grille Guards has several advantages. First of all it’s a tough look, that add attitude and style to your car.  Secondly it’s protection of delicate & expensive parts of your front end. Thirdly the versatility to hold auxiliary lighting or a winch.  On wood Dash Experts Website you will find a Grille Guarde for your specific vehicle in no moment.  Top Manufacturers like Westin, Romik and Black Horse will provide you with best Bull Bars over the internet.  Check up the latest updates of Grille Guards for Dodge Ram, with new Bull Bars your Ram will hit the ground.

Dodge Ram Grille Guards

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Your Car Will Look Great With Fender Trim And Fender Vents

June 16th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

E&G Classics fine mesh fender vents are a great way to customize your Cadillac STS. This will really make your front end sparkle the way a Caddy was meant to. One of the best things about it, is that it will look like new for a long time, plus there is a two-year warranty. The kit comes with a two-piece grille, mounting hardware and a set of instructions. Fender trim can really take years off of your car’s appearance. is an online leader in all auto accessories, which means we also carry everything you need for your truck.


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Wood Dash Kits And Or Wood Grain Dash For Your Acura

June 16th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

Wood Dash Experts has a great selection of wood dash kits, for many different types of automobiles. They have items for 12 different models of Acura, and that’s just for starters. They have kits for Maserati, Kia, Jeep and several more, so you should be able to find something for your automobile as well. You would be surprised at how much a great-looking wood grain dash can affect a car.

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Nissan Armada Dash Kits – Glamorous Addition for Your SUV

June 15th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Nissan Armada associates with something large and imposing, like a fleet of NAVY vessels. Driving such vehicle you will feel comfortable both on highway and on severe off-road terrains. The Cabin impresses with large space for all passengers, well-equipped dash board and soft seats. Nissan Armada is a nice car for tuner fans, who likes to restyle and fix factory shortages. On of such lacks is interior design, which can hardly impress with its factory plastic. offers tons of Nissan Armada dash kits, which will radically transform the interior of your SUV. Our top quality dash trim kits are a proud of the whole car accessories aftermarket, which excite with various finishes and materials. Exotic wood dash kits designed specifically for Armada is a wonderful variant to enhance the inside of the ride, presenting it as a luxury SUV. Nissan Armada dash kits in chrome and fiber finish will add sporty and athletic features for your vehicle.

Nissan Armada Dash Kits

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Car Accessories for easy Enhancement

June 14th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

If our age the car is one of the most valuable possessions you may own. That’s why it’s natural that loads of car owners looking for latest Car Accessories that might improve their cars’ Performance and Look. Lot of them have no idea where to start. I’d advice first look through internet stores and get idea what Car Accessories can be applied to your vehicle. The ideal place to start browsing is Wood Dash Experts Website. Here you’ ll find latest Car Accessories for most vehicles nd makes. They deal only with top car manufacturers of auto market, here is the great selection of exterior (billet grilles, chrome accessories, bull bars and etc.) and interior Car Accessories like Dash Kits. Check up the latest releases of Dodge Car Assessories, enhancing your car might be easy and pleasant process.

Dodge Car Accessories

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Chrome Accessories And Chrome Trim For Your Ride

June 13th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

If you are thinking of selling a used car, it is in your best interest to make it look as good as you can. Chrome accessories can help. No matter how well it runs, people will always look at how it looks, because they make their decisions based on emotion. Something as small as chrome trim can help tremendously. At Wood Dash Experts, you can find trim and other accessories for many makes and models, including Dodge, BMW and Toyota.

Dodge Chrome Mirror Covers

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A Wood Dash And Dash Kits Make All The Difference

June 13th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

Something as simple as attractive wood dash can make a big difference in how you feel when you are sitting inside your car.

It can also make a big difference when it comes to how a potential buyer feels about your car when you are looking at resale value. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to improve the look and feel of your vehicle, either. Just visit Wood Dash Experts and take a look at all of the dash kits they have available.


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