Grille Guards Protect You And Your Truck

April 30th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

If you’re a truck enthusiast and seem to get into everything dangerous and dirty, ramp up your vehicle, so to speak, with special grille guards. Sounds like you could use extra protection on the front-end and so could your grille, headlights, hood, and vehicle body. Your truck is fun plus works hard and deserves something more to keep it intact, safe, and ready to perform for you in any situation.

Grille Guards

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Best Chrome Accessories Online

April 29th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Stop browsing looking for Chrome Accessories, all you are looking for can be found right here. All kinds of Chrome Trim Accessories you can think of are placed on wooddashexperts and waiting for you. Our Lists are updated on a daily basis and all new releases are announced. we deal only with best manufacturers of automotive market and do our best to deliver only the best and latest hits from Chrome Accessories to our Clients. All cars from A-Z are presented, we carry products even for vehicles of 80s. Wether you own new or old car, i assure you will find Car Accessories for your specific vehicle on our website. Right now i\’ve got great news for owners of newly restyled Chevy Malibu. Chrome Accessories for this wonderful car are already in stock and ready to be shipped to you.


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Billet Grills Are Truly Individual And Custom

April 28th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

The first thing other drivers see of you is your vehicle’s front end, right? How about making a statement from the get-go and install a beautiful custom billet grill? If you haven’t seen them, they’re wire mesh and especially designed as an upgrade to your custom grill. In other words, they are truly individual and custom. Aircraft quality aluminum custom molded and shaped just for you and your vehicle.

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Car Wings and Spoilers – Indeed Nice Look

April 27th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Really rear spoilers became an essential part of the car\’s body restyling. Today we can see those car accessories on various vehicles, no matter if it is a huge truck or a small hatchback. Spoiler guarantees the outstanding finish for your ride without spending much time or money. You can find spoilers for different purposes: lip flush-mount spoilers for luxury and business cars, huge rear spoilers for super-charged roadsters. Car wings and spoilers not only provide your vehicle with superior design and aggressive style but also ensure driving stability on at super top speeds. Made from hand-laid fiberglass or blow-molded plastic our high quality car wings and spoilers will add a distinct look to your vehicle and make it stand-out from the masses. No matter if you have casual Honda or elite Aston Martin, Cadillac or Chrysler – visit our website and buy a rear spoiler for your car.


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Easiest Way to Find Car Accessories

April 26th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

If you love your car and value your time, then it\’s time to think about finding the easiest and most convenient way to get Car Accessories for you favouriter vehicle. The fastest way is of course buying via e-stores that specialise on selling Car Accessories and other automotive stuff. I would recommend, this company is already 7 years on automotive internet market,  delivering best Car Accessories you can find over the internet. They deal with best manufacturers of Dash Kits, Billet Grilles, Chrome Accessories, Tail Lights, Bull Bars, Floor Mats Grill Guards and lot of other Car Accessories. Every-day updates help to keep track of latest releases for new models. No matter old or new car you own, i assure you will find Car Accessories for your specific model and year. If you are an owner of Chevy then right now i advice you to check Chevy Car Accessories, coz there were lot of hot new updates for most models lately.


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Altezza Tail Lights Update Your Vehicle’s Appearance

April 25th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

Do you ever get that feeling like it’s time to do something new, something different. Get a new look? You know you love your vehicle. You drive it every day. Find a new look for it too. One of the most important parts of your truck, van, SUV or car is the tail lights. I just discovered Altezza tail lights. You get a European sophisticated look with high safety factors that are DOT certified. Look around and check out the BMW tail lights. They call it the ultimate driving machine. The lights should live up to the reputation of the car.

BMW Tail lights

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Custom Billet Grilles by PRECISION® – Invent Your Style

April 24th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

There is no need to say that custom car grilles are the most striking, noticeable and glamorous parts of the rides\’ exterior. I guess the first thought that comes after buying a vehicle is how to get rid from its boring front and where to find nice car grill instead. The right answer for the last question as it is the best e-store, where everyone will find hundreds of billet grilles in various superior designs, shapes and models. Today we are happy to present a completely new EZ Solid Designer Series of custom car grilles by PRECISION® – famous body kits manufacturer, whose grilles can be found on many celebrities\’ rides. PHAT Style, Cosmos Style and Starburst Style billet grilles a waiting for their lucky owners. The most complete collection of our fabulous car grilles can be viewed at Ford F-150 Billet Grilles section. Join the car customizing community today and your life will fulfill with new colors.


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LED Tail Lights Customize Your Vehicle Easy And Fast

April 23rd, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

Pay attention here. If you want a simple addition to your vehicle of any kind that will really give it a cool look, try some LED tail lights. You can be done with those standard red and orange plastic things. These custom tail lights will give you an easy custom look plus increase the safety factor because they’re brighter and easier to see. Just the custom factor draws attention so someone tailgating will see you stop sooner.

LED Tail Lights

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Small Upgrades Add Visual Beauty

April 22nd, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

Have you noticed how small upgrades in many things are not only affordable but really add to visual beauty? Cars and all vehicles really make statements about how we see ourselves believe it or not. I had a really nice car but the door handles and some other parts were colored plastic and annoyed me daily. I found out I could add chrome door handles and some other chrome accessories that classed up the car and made me a lot happier!


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Car Accessories Breaking the Simplicity

April 22nd, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Wondering why other cars of the same model look so differently? Bored of stock look of your new Ride? Then visit one stop Superstore and find out what modifications can be applied to your specific vehicle to make it stand out from a crowd. Here you will find Best Car Accessories made from finest materials, presented by top manufacturers, and what’s the most important with cheapest prices over the web. Car accessories like Billet Grilles, Chrome Accessories, Bull Bars, Spoilers, Dash kits, LED Tailights and Headlights will add some elegence to any car. Check out our last updated Car Accessories for Chrysler 300/300C, break the commonness and add uniqueness to your favourite car.

Chrysler 300 Car Accessories

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Add A Wood Grain Dash Yourself And Enjoy Everyday Driving

April 22nd, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

Cars are the second biggest purchase you make, next to your home, and we all know they can take forever to pay for. It’s a big decision. You can save though on many decorative options and accessories. One big ticket item is the wood dash. Did you know you can add a cool one yourself like a wood grain dash kits and not only do you increase the car’s value, but you can admire your creativity and handiwork every day.


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Front-End Accessories by the Top Manufacturers

April 20th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

The lucky owners of SUVs and 4×4 trucks are definitely fond of massive dimensions, brutal force, conquering of high-way surfaces and severe of roads. That’s why the exterior of such vehicle must correspond to its tuff character. offers dozens of the specific front-end accessories such as grille guards, side steps, and bull bars to make your SUV noticeable and respectful. Our car accessories are manufactured only of high quality stainless steel with shiny chrome finish which will guarantee fabulous look and keep your car’s headlights and grille safe. Each grille guard is designed specifically for each vehicle model, contouring to the lines of the vehicle while providing an easy, hassle free installation with no drilling required. Our front-end accessories will have your friends turning their heads and make your enemies envious.

Grille Guards

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Superb Projector Headlights

April 19th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Headlights are your eyes on the road, that’s why it’s important to have proper projector headlights. Projector Headlights belong to Car Accessories that both enhance the look of your car and improve your safety on road. Factory Headlights don’t provide so much safety as projectors, that’s why the manufacturers started to produce new cars with stock projector headlights. But Stock Projectors are installed only on top super cars, and if you are not an owner of one, then you should think about buying custom Projector Headlights. Luckily for you Wood Dash Experts Website has got a great  collection of Projector Headlights for most makes and years. Check out last updated Ford F-150 Projector Headlights,   make your eyes shine brighter on the road.


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Add-On Later And Save $$$ On Vehicle Options

April 18th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

An easy way to save money up front on a vehicle purchase is to skip the options because they’re usually very expensive. Of course, you’re paying for the dealer product markup plus their labor. We found out you can add decorative and accessory items later at really reduced cost and do it yourself with your talents! We added a wood grain dash with a dash kit and saved over 50% of the cost.


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Grille Set by GIOVANNA™ – Touch of Class to the Daily Driving

April 17th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

There is no need to ague that Custom Mesh Grilles are the bestsellers among all

car accessories on the present day market. Great variety of custom car grilles are manufactured today for every budget and for every model. Wooddashexpert is happy to present one of the best brands, which is worthy to be among the top manufacturers of the custom grilles and body style kits in general. Giovanna Edition Luxury grilles are designed for the achievement of the most striking results in automobile restyling sphere. Sparkling mirror finish imparts a polish and stylish classic features to every single ride Giovanna grille is mounted on.

Custom Mesh Grille

Besides the best quality, grilles by GIOVANNA possess absolutely unique luxury design, which favorably distinguishes them from the major competitors on the present-day body kits market. Luxury Edition Grille Sets by GIOVANNA will satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients.

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