Buick Regal News

May 8th, 2012 by Accessory Expert

A new tuning package for Buick Regal; vauxhall insignia from SLP. 

It was in 1999 when Buick Regal was reintroduced in the market and then successfully gained the biggest shares of the Chinese market. The Chinese market was captured by Buick’s luxurious interiors. It was the only GM luxury car that has a dashboard made of trimmed wood that is well-matched with wood trimmed door panels. A 276 hp engine and 360lb,ft torque makes it a power car and the rear end lifts up which is made possible by the ladder bar on the rear axle.

SLP said that the tuning package is exclusively for Buick Regal 1987. The deal does not include Buick Turbo Regal and the 1980 Buick Regal is also not included on the deal. SLP also made clear that the tuning package has to conform to the original Buick 1987 and not to depart from it. It would retain its anti-lock brakes and its part sedan performance. In addition, the new tuning package would continue to deliver the looks and the performance Buick is known for and SLP’s latest tuning technology.

SLP is a US aftermarket parts dealer and one of the leaders in the aftermarket and tuning industry. Its continuing success is made possible through its quality, solid and high performance products.

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Installing a Dash Kit.

February 28th, 2012 by Accessory Expert

Automobile and exterior styling have always been bed partners ever since motoring started. We have seen all types of exterior car modifications from the whale tail spoilers and allow wheels of the 80’s to the bonnet scoops and chrome mirrors of the 70’s. In the previous decade, the “in” exterior styling add-ons included splitters, side skirts, more defined and simpler grilles, diffusers, light brows, chrome body trims, and M3 and DTM mirrors. The one great thing about exterior styling is that we can choose our own sets of add-ons and whatever comes out is our very own design. And people spend an increasing amount of time traveling on the road, it justifies the acquisition of driving implements and exterior styling that does not only reflect their unique sense of artistic inclinations but also their need for a more comfortable driving experience.  
One of the most common but dramatic way of exterior styling is by installing a dash kit. Personalizing your vehicle with an awesomely designed dash kit has a lot of sensible benefits. First off, it can emphasize and highlight your car’s overhead consoles, air vents, steering wheels, door panels, center console, and everything else in and around the dashboard area. You can even make your interior look like a high-end car with lavish upgrades on your dashboard. Feel excited again as you sit back and admire the newly-acquired look of your dash as you drive along the road.  But before you choose the appropriate dash kit for your car, keep in mind that these items consistently upgrade almost every year so choose what you think is the dash kit that fits your car nicely.

Look for an exterior styling car accessories supplier with the most number of options. If it is possible, it would be smarter to have the dash kit fitted onto your car right on accessories store’s fitting shop. You do not want to drive back miles away because your air conditioning vent garnish did not match the model and make of your car. Each and every nook and cranny of your dashboard needs to be measures and completely custom fitted to assure that no add-on rattles while you drive at top speed. In fact, before you finally decide on a dash kit, make sure that you fully research on the features of your car and the many options available for you in terms of dash kits.

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Car Parts Online

February 23rd, 2012 by Accessory Expert

Nowadays, car accessories and parts are not only obtainable in physical stores and auto supply outlets. They have been increasingly visible on the internet and online shopping has now included car accessories and parts as a major component in online selling.  There are a lot of auto parts and accessories stores on the internet and all you have to do is search for the store nearest you. Catalogues on every car part and accessory can be bought online.

Online car parts and accessories store help you explores as many options as you want. The availability and cost of your select car part and accessories also brings in a wider array of choices for the interested buyer.  Most car accessories and parts websites are even designed to help you immediately see that cost and accessibility of the item that you need. Most sites are designed with drop down menus containing every make and brand of vehicle present in the planet so all you have to do is search.

Car accessories are amazingly useful. For example, car mats can protect the carpeting of your car from being muddied especially when it is raining and it is inevitable that people, including you, will be riding the car with wet or muddy shoes. Without the mats, your carpet will easily absorb the dirt and cleaning and shampooing the carpet will really be a daunting task, even for a professional carper cleaner. Car seats perform the same kind of protection for your car.

Airbags are also car accessories. Not all cars have built0in airbags and if yours does not have one, you can have installed as an accessory. Airbags have saved thousands of lives and yours might be the next.

Aside from protection, car accessories also help in improving the aesthetic look of your vehicle. There are car accessories that can aid you in trimming the look of the car and there are those, which can make your car, look massive and powerful. These car accessories give your car character while beautifying it at the same time. Some car accessories are designed to give you a better ride. LED lights installed in front of the car can enhance visibility even during daytime. Outside mirrors aid in improving our vision on all sides of the road.

Car accessories and parts can help drivers and car owners in more ways than one.

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American Late Muscle Cars Get Attention from CARiD.com

February 22nd, 2012 by Accessory Expert

Late Muscle cars owners now have somebody to run to for their parts and accessories needs is giving them some attention by expanding its inventory of parts and accessories for the muscle cars. \"\"
is taking a big change when it extends its service to muscle car model years of 1979 to 2012. Previously it only specializes in providing bumpers, exhaust system and other parts and accessories for year models 2005 to 2012 of Camaro and Mustang. The company is an e-commerce retailer servicing muscle cars.
Now the company carries products for Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300, Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Charger, all classified as muscle cars. High performing products from AEM, aFe and K&N are parts wide range of selections. Car owners can rely on the good performance of its line of exhaust, Xenon Lights, intakes and headers. All products are priced reasonably and customers can enjoy a free shipping service when orders are on UPS Ground. \"\"
It is not uncommon for late model muscles cars to have difficulties in finding fitting parts and accessories, especially model year from 1979 and up to 2005 and if there are, performance quality is below the standard. has come to the rescue for these muscle cars year models including that of Chrysler 300. \"\"
with its commitment for good services; has a quick ship orders offer that assures fast shipping of orders. This is made available by their 5 national distribution centers committed for quicker and economical shipping. The Good news is that the free shipping is available without paying a particular amount. All orders are qualified to be shipped free.
Prices are very competitive and won\’t hurt the pockets of those on a limited budget. Since it is an online retailer, muscle cars lovers will have an easy way of finding even the most hard-to-find parts for a specific year models.

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Car Accessories and Parts

January 31st, 2012 by Accessory Expert

There a lot of car accessories and performance parts that you can use to customize your car. These car accessories can also be very helpful with your engine tuning modifications. There are a variety of car performance parts that will transform your car into exceptional custom-look modified cars with parts like grills, car lights, wing mirrors and a selection of spoilers.


You can freely customize your car with brand new alloy wheels that comes with different sizes. You can choose from a variety of sporty alloy wheels that will surely make your car unique among others. It comes in different sets including 17,18, and 19 inch alloy wheels exclusively designed for your car. On the other hand, if you are tight on your budget, you can buy some car rims which actually look like an alloy wheels as well. There are several great selections of car bulbs for headlight and taillight bulbs that are perfectly made to fit on any type of car. The different types of car bulbs include Xenon bulbs, LED and Ultra White, Superwhite, and X-Treme Power Silver bulbs. Car bulbs are used for both the interior and exterior of the car with brands like Philips and Osram as the most common product brand.

Custom Wheels & Rims

You can have a range of performance car parts including brake pads, air filters and induction kits, brake discs, gauges and instruments, ignition leads and coils, clutches, spark plugs, and performance suspension. These car parts are carefully designed to boost your car’s overall performance and aerodynamics as well. If you want to have a stunning car interior, you can buy gear knobs that are also available in the market today. You can have designs like 8ball, chrome skulls, sporty knobs, and a whole lot of other great choices out there. To add a bit of spice and amusement in your car, you can install car entertainment accessories such as car stereos, speakers, subwoofers, flip TV and LCD screens, mobile phone holder and hands free kits, car phone charger, and other cable accessories. These car entertainment system packages will definitely make you stand out among others.

Car Cover

If you wish to a more feminine type of car, you can customize it with pink car accessories such as pink steering wheel covers, car mats, seat covers, and other accessories that are designed for women. And lastly, you can customize your steering wheel by replacing it with a sports car racing type of steering wheel.
Indeed, there are many options that you can choose from when modifying your cars with these great car accessories and parts.

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Costco Offers Discounts on Auto Parts and Car Accessories

January 24th, 2012 by Accessory Expert

Costco has announced that it has been negotiating a 15% discounts on labor, cars’ parts and cars ‘accessories with select dealership across the country. Costco has been in the auto industry and has been offering select vehicles to its members at reasonable prices. Now it has moved to offer yet another discount opportunity for all of its members by bringing its discounting model to the level of dealerships.
The move will benefit dealers allowing them to have access to Costco’s estimated 44 million members. This will also generate a big cut on the cost on parts and labor and will deliver a fair break for car owners.  
Many auto industry observers believe that this move will generate lucrative profits for retail outlets. Typically, dealerships take on profits through service department to clean off the bill while retail outlets have direct customers’ interaction and once the negotiation is made final, the retail outlets automatically get the benefits.
Jeff Brandfon, owner and spoke person of Brandfon Honda, Branford Connecticut had said that the partnership of dealers with Costco will generate between 500 to 600 jobs per year based on actual customer pay per job. All optimistic claims are based on Costco’s powerful statistics. Statistics placed Costco as one of the leaders in the auto industry. The warehouse chain reportedly has 250,000 vehicles sold to members in 2010.
Costco is one of the leading warehouse stores with more than 44 million members. It also offers rewards for its exclusive membership. Online registration is required for every members and all members get spouse or domestic partner card. Costco warehouse offers international membership and is dedicated to bring quality good and quality services at most affordable prices.
Costco’s warehouses carry wide selections of product’s categories, which include appliances, catering supplies, automobiles and car parts and cars accessories, furniture, tobacco, beauty aids, television and media, toys, office supplies and office equipments, watches, cameras, house wares, jewelry, apparel and confectionary.
Jim Sinegal. Costco groups of companies CEO firmly assured that Costco’s move aims to offer their business partners better prices and values by sorting out the frills and costs mostly associated to wholesaling and retailing. He said Costco will continue to have lower overhead cost to deliver a lower price commodity.
All Costco warehouses are operating seven days a week for all exclusives members and it is listed in NASDAQ under the symbol COST.
Observers noted that since Costco is well-known for quality products with prices lower than the traditional wholesale and retail outlets and the discounts offer on cars’ parts and cars’ accessories will surely get the public’s approval.

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Wood Dash Kits Upgrade Your Vehicle To Rich And Powerful

January 20th, 2012 by Wood Dash Pro

Is there any car accessory detail more beautiful and impressive than a wood dash? It instantly upgrades your vehicle’s interior from plain to rich and powerful. Don’t pay all the extra money for factory or dealer installation either, you can do it yourself. Wood dash kits are available for all makes and models of cars, SUVs, and trucks. Add a little or the entire dashboard. With today’s new innovations, wood dash kits are available in 2D and 3D versions also.


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Wood Dash Kits – Fine Solution For the Exterior

January 3rd, 2009 by Accessory Expert

g35 dash kit
One of the main lacks of today cars is a crying abuse of boring plastic inside the cab. Such poor rigging is caused because automobile manufactures try to safe on every possible detail to reduce the manufacturing cost. Luckily restyling producers have fine solutions, offering custom dash kits car accessories.
Wood Dash Kits
Dash board trims are usually made imitating exotic wood pattern, aluminum or chromed surfaces and carbon fiber. Also you can choose dash kits painted like your car’s body, to make an impression that car has already arrived with such dash board from the factory. Dash kits improve the interior raising car’s value as most luxury sedans are equipped with factory wood dash trim kits. But another trend is chrome dash kits like on models from far future, which bring in athletic features to your vehicle. Dash kit installation won’t take long as all instructions and required equipment is supplied. The result will please you, making your daily rides colorful and joyful.All wood dash kits, including 350z dash kit, are intended to protect your vehicle’s dashboard from any possible damage and add it a touch of style.

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Side Vents And Chrome Fender Trim

November 13th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

Side vents are included in the body kits you can get from Wood Dash Experts, Inc. In the kit for the Asanti, for instance, you will also get a grille, bumper and a trunk badge. You can also get universal vents. The best thing to do is look around and just see what is available. You can get chrome fender trim for many models, even a Hummer. To top things off, they are easy to install too.

Chrome Fender Trim

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Road Warriors Depend On Grill Guards For Protection

August 4th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

Road warriors realize the importance of grille guards. They are out there in the front absorbing the punishment of road debris including water, rocks, brush, and debris thrown from other vehicles. Grill guards also act as protection for the passengers in the event of a collision. The grills that come as standard issue may have been manufactured according to minimum safety standards but you need more when you’re a frequent travelers.

Romik Grille Guard

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Billet Grilles Build Impressions

August 1st, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

For good or bad, many first impressions are built upon someone’s vehicle. The first impression of a vehicle is also the car grille so you need to make sure yours is something fast and good.


Billet grilles can solve this question and you can choose from the wide variety available for any type of SUV, truck, sedan, or coupe. Wooddashexperts has the

billet grille to fit your make and model. No guesswork involved. Get what you want, buy it and have it delivered to your door.


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GMC Trim Kits Will Favorably Distinguish You Ride

July 29th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

GMC has designed its trucks, utility vehicles and vans to be smart, exceptionally durable, innovative and powerful. These industry-leading trucks were engineered exclusively for professionals to meet every single challenge for the hugest jobs been done. Owning a GMC vehicle means to have a sum of hi-end and advanced driving technologies and confidence in future. The pickups and trucks have always been main workhorses of American highways and byways, and GMC has also been there from the first day. Originally respected and used by small-business owners, construction workers and farmers those trucks are known for their longevity and reliability. Wooddashexperts.com has some extra car accessories like GMC dash kits to ennoble your truck interior making it not only durable and strong but also well-designed and luxury. High quality dash kits is a fresh idea for the custom restyling as it helps to realize all designing goals and commit a breakout of your truck perception. Real wood stained dashes will cause fascinating results as the inside won’t look dull and boring anymore carrying in the trends of the luxury vehicles. GMC dash kits are produced by the finest manufacturers, which stand behind their accessories and what the customers to be happy ordering dash board kits.




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SportTrac Custom Grilles For Replacement And Accent

July 29th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

News flash for Sport Trac owners and lovers. Go outside and check your car grille. First, do you have one? Second, is it in good shape? Since the factory installation is plain and unexciting you are probably in the market for a replacement or addition. There are custom grilles for sportsmen, off roaders, and the classic styling. These are crafted out of aircraft grade aluminum with precision fitted joints that will stand up against serious wear and tear. If you have another type vehicle, custom grilles are available also.

Ford Sport Trac

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Custom Dash Kits – Groovy Restyling

July 27th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

The automobile restyling main stream today has involved all means and tools to fix every single shortage of stock cars design, adjusting the vehicles for each specific owner and reflecting his tastes or views. Chrysler 300 Wood Dash TrimAlso we should mention other important criteria, which attracts people to perform some customizing for their autos, like availability and easiness. Average car owner needs to know that his efforts won’t lead to failure and spoiling of the ride but instead spending low time and power must lead to good results. Dash kits are not an exception and producers have left the entire hard and dirty job for themselves, brining to the customer almost ready car accessories. Every model has its own peculiarities related to dash shapes, device order and amount. That’s why buying dash kits for your Chrysler 300 or Dodge Charger, clients should not worry about the its match, as all dashboard sizes and shapes have been taken into consideration while manufacturing. Depending on the model you need to search for different types of dash kits, like flat dashboard trims, molded ones and combos. The good news is that you can do it at Wooddashexperts.com and the results will please you.


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LED Custom Tail Lights Are Perfect Replacements

July 25th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

Our Honda Civic was just spiffed up with some really neat LED custom tail lights. Not only does the car look brand new, it’s fun again. LED tail lights are bright and highly visible for safety. We even had a choice between ruby red, clear, black, and smoke for a real individual look. These lights are perfect replacements for broken, filthy lights and have a true precise fit for long time wear and tear. They’re available for most makes, from the Civic to the Accord and the Passport.


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