American Late Muscle Cars Get Attention from

February 22nd, 2012 by Accessory Expert

Late Muscle cars owners now have somebody to run to for their parts and accessories needs is giving them some attention by expanding its inventory of parts and accessories for the muscle cars. \"\"
is taking a big change when it extends its service to muscle car model years of 1979 to 2012. Previously it only specializes in providing bumpers, exhaust system and other parts and accessories for year models 2005 to 2012 of Camaro and Mustang. The company is an e-commerce retailer servicing muscle cars.
Now the company carries products for Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300, Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Charger, all classified as muscle cars. High performing products from AEM, aFe and K&N are parts wide range of selections. Car owners can rely on the good performance of its line of exhaust, Xenon Lights, intakes and headers. All products are priced reasonably and customers can enjoy a free shipping service when orders are on UPS Ground. \"\"
It is not uncommon for late model muscles cars to have difficulties in finding fitting parts and accessories, especially model year from 1979 and up to 2005 and if there are, performance quality is below the standard. has come to the rescue for these muscle cars year models including that of Chrysler 300. \"\"
with its commitment for good services; has a quick ship orders offer that assures fast shipping of orders. This is made available by their 5 national distribution centers committed for quicker and economical shipping. The Good news is that the free shipping is available without paying a particular amount. All orders are qualified to be shipped free.
Prices are very competitive and won\’t hurt the pockets of those on a limited budget. Since it is an online retailer, muscle cars lovers will have an easy way of finding even the most hard-to-find parts for a specific year models.

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The Best Car Accessories and Parts Review

February 17th, 2012 by Accessory Expert


Let us the different car tuning accessories and parts for major car brands in the market today. The BMW 1 E81/E87 NKB aerodynamic body kit includes the rear and front bumper with fog lamps, a spoiler located on the rear glass antenna, and sills. Meanwhile, the aerodynamic body kit for both Kerscher and Hamann BMW E81/E87 1 has unique linings on the rear bumper. The Hartge bodykit has a rear diffuser and a lining on both the front and rear bumper.

The Lambo style doors kit is derived from the design of a Lamborghini. These high-quality doors are also called LSD that is made for a particular car design, which provides ease during the installation. The best part of installing the LSD is that it doesn’t require the use of welding which is normally used for universal set. In fact, LSD-fitted cars didn’t have to undergo a comprehensive inspection by the German TUV. It only proves that this product is reliable and a world-class on its own. There are several types of wheels that stand out on BMW models. These exceptional brands include Blaque Diamond, Rennen Forged Aluminum, Gianna, Donz, Hipnotic Wheels and a whole lot more. Other accessories for BMW are integrated LED lighting, a speaker system, and the so-called fairing mirrors G-Tuning for BMW.

For the exterior tuning, we recommend that you buy automotive parts that help improve your vehicle’s aerodynamics. There are a wide variety of exterior performance parts and accessories that you can find the market today including billet grilles, mirrors and overlays, deflectors and visors, rocker panels, spoiler wings, truck side rails and protectors, trim, mud flaps, and a whole lot more. On the other hand, many people believed that the billet grilles are probably the main attraction for a vehicle’s external appearance. Other exterior parts are step bars and running boards, truck bed extenders, vertical doors, and window tint-graphics as well.
Meanwhile, the tuning for Ferrari has 4 main goals including the improvement of appearance, manageability, braking system, and the engine power. These areas play a huge role in the development of a comprehensive car tuning for Ferrari. It is imperative that we are able to integrate an excellent aerodynamic body kit where it can change the entire appearance of Ferrari cars. For example, the body kit for the Ferrari 360 Modena includes a thresholds and spoiler on the trunk lid, a 5+ lining carbon front bumper, and a carbon lining rear bumper.

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Car Accessories and Parts

January 31st, 2012 by Accessory Expert

There a lot of car accessories and performance parts that you can use to customize your car. These car accessories can also be very helpful with your engine tuning modifications. There are a variety of car performance parts that will transform your car into exceptional custom-look modified cars with parts like grills, car lights, wing mirrors and a selection of spoilers.


You can freely customize your car with brand new alloy wheels that comes with different sizes. You can choose from a variety of sporty alloy wheels that will surely make your car unique among others. It comes in different sets including 17,18, and 19 inch alloy wheels exclusively designed for your car. On the other hand, if you are tight on your budget, you can buy some car rims which actually look like an alloy wheels as well. There are several great selections of car bulbs for headlight and taillight bulbs that are perfectly made to fit on any type of car. The different types of car bulbs include Xenon bulbs, LED and Ultra White, Superwhite, and X-Treme Power Silver bulbs. Car bulbs are used for both the interior and exterior of the car with brands like Philips and Osram as the most common product brand.

Custom Wheels & Rims

You can have a range of performance car parts including brake pads, air filters and induction kits, brake discs, gauges and instruments, ignition leads and coils, clutches, spark plugs, and performance suspension. These car parts are carefully designed to boost your car’s overall performance and aerodynamics as well. If you want to have a stunning car interior, you can buy gear knobs that are also available in the market today. You can have designs like 8ball, chrome skulls, sporty knobs, and a whole lot of other great choices out there. To add a bit of spice and amusement in your car, you can install car entertainment accessories such as car stereos, speakers, subwoofers, flip TV and LCD screens, mobile phone holder and hands free kits, car phone charger, and other cable accessories. These car entertainment system packages will definitely make you stand out among others.

Car Cover

If you wish to a more feminine type of car, you can customize it with pink car accessories such as pink steering wheel covers, car mats, seat covers, and other accessories that are designed for women. And lastly, you can customize your steering wheel by replacing it with a sports car racing type of steering wheel.
Indeed, there are many options that you can choose from when modifying your cars with these great car accessories and parts.

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Mobbing Car or Car Modding?

January 30th, 2012 by Accessory Expert

Life would be so miserable without car modding. Imagine if all sport and luxury cars would all look the same without distinctive differences among them. With technology pacing over time, we are so privilege to see how cars evolve from the local locomotive of a 4-wheel drive, to defy the mechanics of modern automobile engineering. There are plentiful of stories to share behind the 4 corners of a typical car but for sports car, the icon still catches the attention of exterior tuning.

Car Spoilers

Maintaining the integration of exterior modding is like redecorating any furniture at home. If it seems to lie off, you can customize to make it brand new. Likewise, in exterior tuning, you can render the parts of spray paint it to look jazz, cool and sleek.

Perhaps the car industry is getting too competitive nowadays as automobile designers find other ways to impress sport car drivers. Until today, designers still crave for an aerodynamic performance of various car models. The vehicle has to improve its status before ramping along the racetrack. To any extent, the vehicle should be replaced with components that are lighter in weight.

The body that encases the interior mechanics of the kit composes of hood, rear view mirrors, spoilers, wheels, windows, doors, grills, aerials and exterior skin. The hoods and rear view mirrors are selected based on its weight parameter. Once again, the principle must endure lighter ones that drag the vehicle’s appearance in all view. Should there be any optimal change in performance; adjustment has to be made to ease leisure driving.

Custom Grilles

Spoilers are considered an additional chic to the tail of the vehicle or an accessory. Basically, any car tuning brand such as AMG or Brabus, takes the lead in premium manufacturing. Though the component harbors a modern outstanding rate to the market, the output relentlessly carries the vehicle heavy load slowing down the efficiency of its performance.

The grills are emerged on the front case of the vehicle. Notice how luxury cars layout the template of the body like those German automobiles.

Custom Floor Mats

Windows and doors are cut to a concept that is ideally for versatility. A lot of mechanics would criticize the used of materials made from plastic against auto glass because of its economy and durability characteristics. Doors are either attached on the proximal part of the body or rather scissors-cut.

Obviously, the vehicle should not stand alone without the 4 wheels. They are essential to the gravity, handling, weight suspension capability and speed. General modifications should enhance the wheel track width by means of spacers. Suspensions must align to the center of gravity to fix the hydraulics or spring properties to a more bouncy ride.

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Car Spoilers – Identify Your Vehicle

January 14th, 2009 by Accessory Expert

If you already own a car that came with this curious car accessories, curvaceous board fastened to the back, it is not unreasonable to think that you probably take it for granted. Or it could be that the spoiler was one of the reasons you chose your ride in the first place. But for many, spoilers are an aftermarket objective that creates both desire and intrigue. What is it about them that make spoilers so popular? And why do drivers seemingly everywhere clamor for this upgrade if the top of their trunks lay bare? Some will say it’s the customized style or expression. Others will tell you that they like the aerodynamic support they get when zipping down the highway with reckless abandon. No matter where you are, you notice a car that has one. Whether in traffic, in a parking lot, or just passing you by on the highway, spoilers catch your eye. That is a spoiler’s biggest advantage. From factory spoilers and custom spoilers to rear-roof wings and lip spoilers, there are boundless selections that touch every driver’s sensibilities. The trick is knowing your own style, both on the road and on the curb, and going from there. Because once you figure that out, a primed, painted spoiler takes care of the rest.

Custom and Factory Car Spoiler

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Rear Spoilers – Find What You Want

November 2nd, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Invented as a helpful tool for car racings, rear spoiler became incredibly popular among car owners.\"Car Today these car accessories can be seen on various vehicles, including SUVs and trucks. Modern spoilers have several configurations, depending on the purposes which they are installed for. Lip or flush-mount spoiler like a tiny embellishment serves as a performance attribute, adding new shapes to the car\’s silhouette. On many models the border of the trunk is curved imitating spoiler. Also you can meet huge rear wings, which are usually mounted to the charged cars, or just on the rides of auto sport admirers. Frequently different accessories are integrated into the spoiler like break lights or park tronic, which makes rear spoilers very practical. You may ask a question, where to find those car accessories in high quality and good price. is the most acceptable location for rear spoilers as here a huge collection of spoilers is stored. Almost a thousand of rear wings can be picked up in one place. Visit us and your car won\’t be left without a present. Rear Roof Wings & Lip Spoilers. Every customizing-minded driver has to make a choice. There are no short-cuts, and the style has to fit the cause. Rear roof wings deliver an edgy, contemporary look to an area that is too often left untouched. The top of your vehicle finally has some personality to call its own, and rear roof wings engage that defiant custom presence that certainly makes a difference. After a different look? Lip spoilers energize the area on top of your trunk, revealing a sleek silhouette that is as sharp as it is shapely. You want easy installation? You got it! Rear roof wings and lip spoilers aren\’t “projects”, they are fashionable upgrades made to order for all drivers. Discover your inner style. Choose your outer personality.



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Wings West Body Kits – For Nice Styling

October 19th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

WingsWest was founded leading by the natural desire to produce car accessories they wanted to view on their own rides. Such philosophy is still supplied to all body kits manufactured by WingsWest today. The years of practicing caused the creation of many well-looking show cars, which took the first places on various automobile events, finding the appreciation among visitors and car producers. WingsWest’s rides graced on dozens of magazine covers and been showed on such channels like MTV and CSI. Low amount of returns proves that Ground Effects Packages by WingsWest brings happiness and satisfaction for the customers. In addition to the top quality workmanship, accessories, and pre-fit testing this company boasts with professional technical support, which will walk you though the tiniest aspects of the mounting process, reducing the entire headache related with installation. Their wish to supply the aftermarket with absolutely premium quality Ground Effects Packages guarantee a winning combination both for customers and dealers throughout the world.

Wings West Body Kits

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Ground Effects Packages by RAZZI – Design Your Own Style

October 14th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

RAZZI Ground Effects Packages are the leading car accessories on the restyling aftermarket. Outstanding designs, top quality materials and easy usage have earned lots of admirers and reputation of “The Most Respected Name in the Restyling Industry.” Razzi Ground Effects Package is a best choice for applying your car with an aggressive and lower look. The rich experience of the company will improve both exterior and performance standards of your ride. Ground effects body kit is designed and well-tested to control air flows, increasing the precision of handling and steering. Made of top quality, impact resistant and durable ABS plastic, body kit will serve you long without loosing the original stock conditions. Also paint job is available for exact matching with your car’s color. Ground Effect Package, supplied with step-by-step mounting instructions, is easy to install and effective way to make your vehicle sporty.


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Body Kits And Accessories – Automotive Dress-Code

September 21st, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Body kits and accessories are the most suitable way for an effective restyle of any automobile to gain a sporty exterior.Lowering Body Kit Even if your ride wasn’t granted an attractive appearance from the factory, front and rear air dams, side skirts, rear spoiler and other various body covers will fix it at once. All body packages are made basically of flexible ABS plastic (also called polyurethane) and light-weight fiber glass. Both variants are ok as body lowering packages made of those materials are durable and flexible enough for daily driving and tuff pressure. has done all the dirty work instead of you, enlarging its stock only with the best body

car accessories made by the finest, well-known and reliable producers, like RK Sport, VIS Racing, Wings West and others. No matter if you have legendary muscle car, hot road, grand SUV or sedan, you will definitely find a couple of suitable body packages to treat your ride. Shop at wood dash experts website to feel the complete pleasure and advantage from the automotive tuning.


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Ground Effects Package by VIS Racing Sport, Inc®

July 6th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Complete Body Package by VIS Racing Sport, Inc® is a real godsend for automotive restyling fans. Manufactured of the high-tech carbon fiber, they combines all features of the pro sport ground effects kits like low weight, ultra-menacing exterior and perfect air flow control. Every kit is precisely pre-tested to assure the exact factory matching, which will low down the installation hardships almost to the zero. Designed for compact sporty rides, ground effects packages by VIS Racing Sport, Inc® will carry in an extra style and sporty finish for dozens of makes and models. is proud to present full line of sporty car accessories in our online store. Today VIS Racing Sport, Inc® produces the highest quality material body kits, making other competitors envious and leaving them on the eternal second place. Nothing will make your auto look excellent than our lowering Sporty Body Kits, which will make your life colorful and rise it up to the next level.


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Ground Effects Package – The Best Restyling Ever

June 29th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

There is nothing better for automobile restyling than to apply an aggressive lowering body kit or ground effects package, which will transform every ordinary box on wheels into a real racing car. Menacing exterior of your vehicle will make the passers by staring all the time while you are driving through the street, earning new fans and admirers. Ground effects car accessories are available in tons of variants, styles and finishes and it can be really hard to choose a lowering package, which will fit the ride and meet high quality standards. is proud to present a completely new line of Ground Effects Body Kits by Wings West – a true leader in the restyling industry, whose products won first prizes on different motor shows and events. The moving force of their craftsmanship is satisfaction of customers’ wishes, combined with innovative technique, reach experience and the desire to supply the industry with only top quality Ground Effects Packages. Pre-fit test and top quality impact resistant components will assure both easy mounting and lifetime warranty for all the kits. With Wings West products you will get such benefits as a professionally designed Ground Effect Body Kit, upgraded exterior and improved handling of you car.

Wings West Ground Effects Package

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Ground Effects Packages – Transform Your Ride Into Roadster

June 24th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Cars with installed Ground Effects Packages have always attracted everybody\’s attention, provoking admiration and astonishment.

But before buying those car accessories you need to search only for the best body kit manufacturers and reliable dealers not to be disappointed with your shopping. Ground Effects Package should be made of the high quality materials and components, not to be spoiled or damaged during the daily trips. boasts with the best Ground Effects Body Kits on the web by well-known and reliable producers, which involved all their skills and experience to create body kits for vehicles, which will favorably distinguish them from the masses. RK Sports and Razzi Ground Effects Packages are manufactured of the best ABS plastic which is scratch resistant and durable to keep the fresh look of the body kits as just being bought. Besides the fabulous look and top quality our lowering packages differ by easy installation with can be completed custom in every average garage or at local work shop. Buy Ground Effects Packages and you will be pleased with a customer service, quick shipping and a totally new exterior your ride will have.


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Ground Effects Package by Razzi – Add a Lowering Look for Your Ride

June 19th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

For sure, every car owner imagined his vehicle, participating in some rally events or other automobile racings. Fabulous cars with ground effects packages and powerful engines attract lots of attention especially among hot ladies. Even if that dream won’t come true and you won’t become a famous racer, you may anyway restyle the vehicle supplying it with lowering body kit, carrying in the aggressive look. is the best online store, offering wide selection of ground effects packages by Razzi – leading body kit manufacturer on the aftermarket. All car accessories are made of finest materials, using durable ABS plastic which is scratch resistant and will keep the fresh look for long time. The rich experience of the company will improve both exterior and performance standards of your ride. Ground effects body kit is designed and well-tested to control air flows, increasing the precision of handling and steering. Razzy ground effects package is an easy and effective way to make your vehicle sporty.

Razzi Ground Effects Package

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Treat Your Lady With A Car Upgrade

June 5th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

The vehicle your lady drives doesn’t have to look like everybody else’s. She wants to feel good and look good. You don’t have to buy an entirely new car. How about giving her a treat with something to jazz up her car. One simple idea is a spoiler that can add some fun. You could even have it added while she’s at work or out playing. They’re quick and fast to add and the professionals will do their best. So whether you need BMW or Audi Spoilers, look to the pros at Wood Dash Experts.

Audi Spoiler

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RKSport™ Performace Body Kits – Amaze the World

June 1st, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Aerodynamic car accessories like side skirts, front and rear spoilers became the best seller on the whole automobile aftermarket. Does not matter if you are a professional racer or law-abiding driver, as ground effects packages will enhance the car’s look, giving to its owner the feeling of change and excitement. The only question left is the brand of styling body kits, which will show off on your vehicle. presents a unique collection of rear spoilers, ground effects pacckages and other performance car accessories by RKSport™ – a true performance styling specialists, who has devoted more than thirty years, supplying racing sport teams with full range of aerodynamic equipment. Such concerns as GM and DaimlerChrysler are recognozing RKSport™ for Excellence in Design. This brand works with American favourites like Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Pontiac and others, which makes it a desireble aim for millions of clients. Feel the challange spirit with performance by RKSport™.


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