American Late Muscle Cars Get Attention from

February 22nd, 2012 by Accessory Expert

Late Muscle cars owners now have somebody to run to for their parts and accessories needs is giving them some attention by expanding its inventory of parts and accessories for the muscle cars. \"\"
is taking a big change when it extends its service to muscle car model years of 1979 to 2012. Previously it only specializes in providing bumpers, exhaust system and other parts and accessories for year models 2005 to 2012 of Camaro and Mustang. The company is an e-commerce retailer servicing muscle cars.
Now the company carries products for Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300, Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Charger, all classified as muscle cars. High performing products from AEM, aFe and K&N are parts wide range of selections. Car owners can rely on the good performance of its line of exhaust, Xenon Lights, intakes and headers. All products are priced reasonably and customers can enjoy a free shipping service when orders are on UPS Ground. \"\"
It is not uncommon for late model muscles cars to have difficulties in finding fitting parts and accessories, especially model year from 1979 and up to 2005 and if there are, performance quality is below the standard. has come to the rescue for these muscle cars year models including that of Chrysler 300. \"\"
with its commitment for good services; has a quick ship orders offer that assures fast shipping of orders. This is made available by their 5 national distribution centers committed for quicker and economical shipping. The Good news is that the free shipping is available without paying a particular amount. All orders are qualified to be shipped free.
Prices are very competitive and won\’t hurt the pockets of those on a limited budget. Since it is an online retailer, muscle cars lovers will have an easy way of finding even the most hard-to-find parts for a specific year models.

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Car Accessories and Parts

January 31st, 2012 by Accessory Expert

There a lot of car accessories and performance parts that you can use to customize your car. These car accessories can also be very helpful with your engine tuning modifications. There are a variety of car performance parts that will transform your car into exceptional custom-look modified cars with parts like grills, car lights, wing mirrors and a selection of spoilers.


You can freely customize your car with brand new alloy wheels that comes with different sizes. You can choose from a variety of sporty alloy wheels that will surely make your car unique among others. It comes in different sets including 17,18, and 19 inch alloy wheels exclusively designed for your car. On the other hand, if you are tight on your budget, you can buy some car rims which actually look like an alloy wheels as well. There are several great selections of car bulbs for headlight and taillight bulbs that are perfectly made to fit on any type of car. The different types of car bulbs include Xenon bulbs, LED and Ultra White, Superwhite, and X-Treme Power Silver bulbs. Car bulbs are used for both the interior and exterior of the car with brands like Philips and Osram as the most common product brand.

Custom Wheels & Rims

You can have a range of performance car parts including brake pads, air filters and induction kits, brake discs, gauges and instruments, ignition leads and coils, clutches, spark plugs, and performance suspension. These car parts are carefully designed to boost your car’s overall performance and aerodynamics as well. If you want to have a stunning car interior, you can buy gear knobs that are also available in the market today. You can have designs like 8ball, chrome skulls, sporty knobs, and a whole lot of other great choices out there. To add a bit of spice and amusement in your car, you can install car entertainment accessories such as car stereos, speakers, subwoofers, flip TV and LCD screens, mobile phone holder and hands free kits, car phone charger, and other cable accessories. These car entertainment system packages will definitely make you stand out among others.

Car Cover

If you wish to a more feminine type of car, you can customize it with pink car accessories such as pink steering wheel covers, car mats, seat covers, and other accessories that are designed for women. And lastly, you can customize your steering wheel by replacing it with a sports car racing type of steering wheel.
Indeed, there are many options that you can choose from when modifying your cars with these great car accessories and parts.

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Bull Bars Adding More Confidence

October 23rd, 2008 by Accessory Expert

After buying a new car first of all you got to think about it’s protection. And what will protect the front-end of your new car best? Of course, Grille Guards and other front end protection Car Accessories that you can Find at Wood dash Experts Website at affordable prices. The selection is great covering most makes and years. So don’t Hesitate and Find best Front-end Protection for your car now. For owners of Chevy Tahoe There is good news, new Bull Bars For Tahoe are now available, buy your Grille Guard and feel safly on the roads.


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Grille Guards – More Respect More Safety.

October 16th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

What\’s the easiest way to protect your vehicle from front collision? If you don\’t know then visit and find out what your car was lacking. Best Car Accessories from top manufacturers are at your service. This is not just a mere protection – it\’s also a quite essential restyling of your car. With Bull Bars your vehicle will acquire an aggressive and stunning look, that will help you to avoid most problems on the road. The quality of Grille Guards is beyond the question, best quality is guaranteed. Check out last updates for Cadillac Escalade Grill Guards. Make other drivers think twice before crossing your way.


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Premium Bull Bars

September 18th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

What’s the crucial part in your vehicle’s front end?  If you are doubtfull about this then think what part can alter your vehicle’s front end beyond recognition. Without doubt it’s Bull Bar. Now we present a brand new Grille Guards by Westin represented on Wood Dash Experts site. Westin is Front End Car Accessories manufacturer committed to handing over only the highest quality products. That’s why once you choose Westin Grille Guards you are guaranteed to get the product made up from the best materials. Adding Bull Bar to your car’s front end adds more respect to your vehicle on the road. For the owners of Ford F-150 we have excellent news, Ford F-150 Grille Guards are already available and awaiting for you, add up more originality to you car.

Ford F-150 Grille Guards

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Bull Bars

August 10th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

What can be more important than your protection while driving? Nothing, that’s why more protection will always be welcome. The means of additional protection can easily be found on Wood Dash Experts Website. Ones of the Car Accessories that provide more safety along with exterior enhancing are Grill Guards. Nice looking Bull Bars will be the best addition to your SUV’s or Truck’s front end.   Check up the latest updates for GMC Yukon Grill Guards,  provide more confidence on road.

GMC Yukon Bull Bars

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Add Outstanding Protection With A Bull Bar

July 15th, 2008 by Wood Dash Pro

Residents of high animal traffic areas are going to be interested in vehicle bull bars. They are an excellent safety feature for protection against deer, cattle and even smaller animal strikes in addition to increased safety while off-roading and navigating through heavy brush. They are specially designed to not interfere with visibility of lights and turn indicators. Bull bars can also also be adapted for recovery winches and spotlights. Romik Bull Bars are available, so start protecting your truck today.


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Grille Guards – Add more Performance and Style

June 17th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

If you are a proud owner of a SUV or Truck then i’m sure at least once you’ve thought about buying nice Bull Bars for your car. A really good Bull Bar may be a versatile tool for your truck or SUV. Providing your car’s front end with good Grille Guards has several advantages. First of all it’s a tough look, that add attitude and style to your car.  Secondly it’s protection of delicate & expensive parts of your front end. Thirdly the versatility to hold auxiliary lighting or a winch.  On wood Dash Experts Website you will find a Grille Guarde for your specific vehicle in no moment.  Top Manufacturers like Westin, Romik and Black Horse will provide you with best Bull Bars over the internet.  Check up the latest updates of Grille Guards for Dodge Ram, with new Bull Bars your Ram will hit the ground.

Dodge Ram Grille Guards

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Custom Grill Guards – Keep Your Truck Safe

June 3rd, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Many truck and SUV owners try to solve 2 problems simultaneously like truck protection and enhancing its look. There is a couple of variants, it can be done, but the best one is applying SUVs with grill guards. You can hardly find a person, who is not familiar with those front end car accessories, at least just on sight. Nevertheless, you can hardly imagine the tremendous advantages grill guard offers for the off road vehicles. Talking about practical value of push bars, we need to mention about the important protection of headlights and grille area with radiator, which is behind the grille. It keeps the front end of your SUV safe from debris, other vehicles and animals. As an exterior car accessory grill guards are available in different finishes, which will provide completeness for your truck\’s exterior. If you are ready to buy a grill guard for your ride, visit as here you will find wide range of front end accessories and select one, which will suite your SUV best.


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Grille Guards – Extend the Passability Limits

February 28th, 2008 by Accessory Expert

Like a dress code in fashion automobile customizing has its own laws, which can not be violated. One of those says that every 4×4 truck, SUV or pick-up must have front-end accessories such as grill guards, also known as bull bars or push bars. If you like to surmount obstacles on your truck, there is no way to manage without our grill guard. Besides the superior look, grille guards are very practical, as they protect your car’s headlights and grille area. provides front-end accessories manufactured by top brands, like T&H®, Westin®, & Romik®. All bull bars are custom designed for each vehicle, built from qualitative stainless steel using state of the art production equipment and high quality finish. Grille guards on will satisfy the demands of the most fastidious enthusiasts.

Grill Guard

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Superior Grille Guards

January 22nd, 2008 by Street Customz

Looking for easy way to enhance you favourite ride? Check this out!!! The widest range of grille gurads.  Bull Bars, Grille Guards, & Push Bars from top manufacturers of nowadays aftermarket. All T&H products are 25% OFF!!! New Arrivals from Romik and Westin.  Check out the new releases for Chevy Silverado grille gurads. All items are easy to install, no drilling is required for most applications. Make you friends turning their heads and your enemies envious.

silverado grille guards

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Car Accessories

January 3rd, 2008 by Street Customz

Welcome to our new blog! Our experts will keep you informed about the newest truck & car accessories on the market.  Our accessory research departsment staff selects only the best manufacturers and the highest quality products.  Please feel free to take advatage of our promotional offer below.


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