Knowledge is Needed to Choose the Best Wheels for your Vehicles

June 4th, 2013 by Accessory Expert

We all desire to see our vehicles properly set from the lights ahead to the wheels down. But that is only possible after we acquire some proper knowledge as to what is the best for our vehicle.
It’s a matter of choice!
Car is the most authentic form of vehicle because the look and feel you get while driving it is different from that of a truck or two-wheeler.The wheels of your car has a lot of importance because once you get the wrong sized wheels you face a lot of trouble from minor inconvenience to even a major accident. Firstly, always check the tire and rim diameter of your wheels as they should be of the same measurement. For e.g. Asanti Three piece AF114 in Chrome, AF173, Af175, Af117 and many such more.  Secondly, never put tyres which use a high-compact spare wheel as it can be dangerous to handle the car. Finally, choose a wheel with the correct offset along with a correct bolt circle and rim width.
What you need to know!
There are many types of wheels which need to be arranged for the perfect cars and in proper sizes as well.
Custom Wheels: Custom wheels are known for passenger vehicles as well as SUV’s.It is an aluminum wheel available in one, two or three piece. Slim wheels would make flexing at lower speed for the car. Two piece wheels have inner and outer section bolted. Three piece wheels two rim flame sections and one bolt pattern section in the center.
Hub and Lug Centric Wheels: In hub centric wheels, the hub exactly matches the diameter of the vehicle’s center hub whereas in lug centric the replacement of the bolt pattern matches the vehicle’s hub. It available if 4 types: 4, 5, 6and 8 lugs.
After knowing all these facts you can choose the correct wheels for your cars with the perfect size.

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